2018 January FFS JAM! Calling All MX2 Users!

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    Abe _King_

    Hey, everyone; I’m hoping you’re all having a great New Year! I hope you’re having a great start to your projects as well! I’m counting on your participation in this Finally Finish Something Jam! Anyone who wants to finally get something done with their projects, from the past or something they’ve always thought about, “now” is the time!

    We should all try to finish that one special project, game tool or otherwise, by the end of January and show the community what we can do with Monkey2!

    What are you waiting for?! https://itch.io/jam/finally-finish-something-2018 
    (monkey 2 image by Adam Strange)


    Also, I’m trying to get started on it myself and I’m having some trouble deciding. If you’d care to make a suggestion, I made a very short poll of what I’m considering. Thanks 🙂 GOOGLE FORM LINK

    If anyone else is lost on ideas I’d love to offer suggestions as well!



    I’d be glad to participate but finishing the box2d module is my priority for this begging of 2018..

    Good Jam!



    I just started a remake project. It wil take longer then a month this one. I am remaking a old Amiga game from 1987 called “Fire Power” I have been spending a couple of days already on the graphics and still need to do a lot of them. Every graphic is going to be code. Am at 1000 lines now.

    I wil open a project thread here when I am further in the project.



    I’m finished and entered:

    Took 2 months to finish. 320×200 resolution, 16 colors. full chip-synth emulation. Madcap retro action




    Congrats Adam for winning the FFSJam! 😀


    GTDC came 12th 🙂



    Well done, people. Congrats Adam for winning. Now, because I sent out good thought vibes, make the cheque payable to Amon Interactive Ltd and that should make us all squared. 🙂



    Congrats for coming 12 with Dat Choppa!!!


    Richard Betson

    Congrats! Nice going Adam! Representing Monkey.. my my.. good stuff.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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