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    From Mark’s recently uploaded videos, I see that the new 3D module will include some sort of Physics library. Cool!

    Will it be possible to use the same library to perform “simple” collision detection and reaction? By simple I mean I don’t want to apply forces, friction, etc, I just want to move in absolute units, detect the collision, and move the entity out of the collision automatically before the next frame is rendered.

    I’ve been accomplishing that (in 2d) using Peterigz excellent Timeline fx module, but wrapping it in my own hierarchical scene graph system. It performs beautifully, and does everything I want so far, but it still gets really complicated when doing things like hierarchical collisions (only colliding with an object if I’m overlapping its parent, useful to “filter” collisions per area, i.e. Not checking collisions with something outside the current area) and such, and being a beginner in programming I still spend a ton of time fixing collision bugs instead of working on the game’s design.

    Add on top of that a very demanding job, and a demanding little baby (new parent here) and I’m left looking for ways to achieve what I want in as little time as possible, but still without resorting to middleware like Unity (which I like a lot), since the partial goal here is to learn proper programming while making a game.

    I’ve also briefly checked Pyro, but its collision system doesn’t seem to do what I want, and I’m not sure how much I can customize its behavior.

    Anyway, just wondering what kind of capability the new physics system will have.



    As far as I know Mark is using Bullet physics, which I’m fairly certain you will be able to use to detect collisions without the physics. You’ve also got chipmunk which can do what you want as well (in 2d). I was doing a tutorial for chipmunk until work took over. It’s heavily commented code so you might find it useful.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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