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    If understood correctly the documentation shows no Blendmode SUBTRACT.

    There’s also no way to disable RGB or ALPHA for drawingoperations? You are always forced to do everything you do to affect both RGB and ALPHA as a pair.

    Sometimes it makes sense to differentiate between the two. For example now we’re trying to acomplish shadows (you can do that in many ways of course but they way we have implemented it needs to be able to affect only alpha. Is there a chance for these two add-ons?



    One way to do shadows would be something like:
    shadowcolor = black
    shadow image = white where the shadow is to be

    draw the image using black as the color

    if you are using 2d commands then
    color = black
    alpha = 0.1
    draw where you want the shadows



    Thank so much, that’s perfect. We thought we would go mad because we have several layers of shadows and they all need to be able to overlap without looking terrible but we’ll give this a go!

    You can probably fix the overlapping problem with an in-between image and then use that as a single shadow but there’s so much shadowing going on and the performance went crazy slow.



    with monkey and 2d thank of any graphics (images) as having an added color and alpha.

    so (lets say) a white star, can be draw in any color and any alpha. So if you want four stars, one red, one blue, one green and one white.
    You just need to have one white star and draw it using different color commands

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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