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    In wich sourcefile i can find the list of methodes wich automatically called when App.Run starts.(optional if exists in users code)
    I mean OnRender, OnMeasure and so on.

    I would learn more about how monkey2 works.
    Maybe on any place here i can found all that informations but i couldnĀ“t find it and there are so much sourcefiles šŸ˜‰



    modules/mojo/app/app.monkey2 for the core
    modules/mojo/app/view.monkey2 for the on.. stuff



    In a hurry, but I recommend using a free program like Agent Ransack (just search for it), where you can search the module or main mx2 directory, input *.monkey2 as file name and whatever you’re looking for (eg. OnRender) under “Containing text”. That’s how I get around!



    I find that the best method currently is to simply use Ted2Go “Docs” tab.

    You just type what you want in the Find field, and the latest Ted2Go version will display all matches available, then you just pick the one you want to inspect more closely.

    The only catch is that not everything is documented, so things like virtual methods for components, for instance, still don’t show in the help, probably because they’re still being developed as we speak.



    Thank you three.

    (to search across all files in an folder i use now notepad++)

    Can i deattach tabs from TED to a second screen? HavenĀ“t try it.If yes i have to drill holes in the wall and build a bracket for my second screen.

    The reason why i ask for the sources was that i would know what methods are called automatic like OnMeasure, OnRender and so on.
    I have a new question.
    I see some classes in examples wich contains OnRender() methodes.
    Are they called automatic to?
    Or is OnRender only called automatic in the main class?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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