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    I made 2 files (window_simple.monkey2, window_update.monkey2). I can launch the first with [F6] but not the second. The second exe has a shield on his icon and requires administrator privileges. I done nothing special (only display a window and move a text with the joystick). The two monkey2 files are in the same folder and are built from ted2 in the same session. Ted2 is launched normally (without privileges). The install is in a folder (monkey2-v1.0.0) on the root of drive C. I use Windows 10.

    Any idea?


    Mark Sibly

    No idea sorry – I don’t do anything ‘special’ when making apps and have never had any admin problems.

    Try a reboot? Delete both .build dirs and try again?



    Try renaming window_update.monkey2 to window_updt.monkey2 or similar –
    AFAIK it’s a special Windows OS “feature” for .exe that contain “update”,
    “install”, “patch”, and “setup” in the filename.

    See also the following pages:



    Thanks for you help. It’s very nice. Is there a way to tag the subject as ‘solved’?

    @Mark Sibly
    We have had the same ideas… but this doesn’t work.

    You got it! It’s related to the name. I remove the word ‘update’ and everything goes as expected. I’ll make a blacklist of words adding this one.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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