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    after August 2019 each Android app needs to be include native 64 bit code.

    I try to compile monkey for arm64-v8a but failed at this point:
    std\filesystem\native\filesystem.cpp – Line 189:
    return EACCES; // can’t provide write access to the apk
    Error: EACCES was undefine

    I tried to fix it this way:
    return 13;

    After this monkey could be build and my app too but if I try to start my app on a 64 bit Android it crashs.
    The same app still run on a 32 bit device via armeabi-v7a.

    Has anybody else try to compile for arm64-v8a?



    Have you try to rebuild all modules from new architecture (arm64-v8a) ?

    Need somes changes in “env_<your host>.txt”.



    I add arm64-v8a in my env_windows.txt and rebuild all modules for android.
    Thats why I result in the first compile error (see above).



    For my part, I encountered an error message when running in the emulator or device :

    And i have changed my var MX2_ANDROID_APP_ABI=arm64-v8a x86_64.


    For error : EACCES was undefine, i had these lines in “modules/std/filesystem/native/filesystem.cpp” :



    Thanks for the EACCES fix.


    If got the same error if I run may app. After changing to DEBUG release I see the reason for the monkey error:

    2019-06-30 23:47:19.504 16536-16550/com.lahnbyte.lehnsherr I/MX2: Monkey 2 Runtime error: SIGNAL: Memory access violation
    2019-06-30 23:47:19.504 16536-16550/com.lahnbyte.lehnsherr I/MX2: {{!DEBUG!}}
    2019-06-30 23:47:19.504 16536-16550/com.lahnbyte.lehnsherr I/MX2: >OpenCFile:libc.FILE Ptr(path:monkey.types.String,mode:monkey.types.String);C:/dev/monkey2-rc-git/monkey2/modules/std/filesystem/filesystem.monkey2;923;5746
    2019-06-30 23:47:19.505 16536-16550/com.lahnbyte.lehnsherr I/MX2: path:String=”en.txt”
    2019-06-30 23:47:19.505 16536-16550/com.lahnbyte.lehnsherr I/MX2: mode:String=”rb”
    2019-06-30 23:47:19.505 16536-16550/com.lahnbyte.lehnsherr I/MX2: >,mode:monkey.types.String);C:/dev/monkey2-rc-git/monkey2/modules/std/stream/filestream.monkey2;112;5745
    2019-06-30 23:47:19.505 16536-16550/com.lahnbyte.lehnsherr I/MX2: path:String=”asset::en.txt”
    2019-06-30 23:47:19.505 16536-16550/com.lahnbyte.lehnsherr I/MX2: mode:String=”rb”


    This function seems to cause the error:

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