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    Hi guys,

    I recently played a few android games that had the easiest control system I have ever used when playing android games.

    Basically, when the user touched the left side of the screen a virtual joystick would pop up and allow control of the game. The same was implemented for the right-hand side but with buttons that allowed firing and jumping/acceleration etc?

    What would it take to get something like this coded in MX2?

    I’ll be honest. Controlling my games gameplay on Android has been very difficult because I just cannot get/grasp how to code it all together. Having a system like this for MX2, like those android games I played, would greatly ease my plight.



    Could you provide the names of those games or some screenshots. New, but intuitive ways of controlling on the screen are quite interesting.

    A simple to use module for that could also speed up prototyping a lot.



    Check for a touch in a limited area on the left, keep that touch point(origin) and start drawing the joystick under the finger, and for as long as it is held down, compare the current touch point to the origin touch point and move the character in that direction, of course limit how far “the joystick” can be moved to limit how fast the player can move, also the inner area of the joystick’s reach circle should have a “hollow” center so the player doesn’t need to have microscopic precision fingers to keep their character still while holding the joystick.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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