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    bc download page

    Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 11.45.08

    Created in 2.5 day for the 7DRL (in monkey2). No monsters or sound yet. But I can hear scratching…!



    Really cool!
    Ran without issues in a 2015 Macbook pro mostly in full screen.

    A couple suggestions:
    You could tone down the amount of flickering in the lights, it strobes quite a lot right in the BG now.
    When you click on a tile that expands the set, it could have a different icon/color to indicate that.



    Richard Betson

    Looks good. No Linux version. 🙁



    This looks awesome, I can’t wait to see this develop into a game!

    For reference, it’s a bit slow on my early 2014 MacBook Air but still playable.



    ah. thats interesting to know about the slowness on a MacBook Air. I’ve only tested it on an old MacBook.

    Ver1.02 is now upped
    included monsters, gold, and permadeath…



    Yeah, this MBA isn’t very good for 3D acceleration. Pretty much any 3D game chugs at least a tiny bit.



    Nice game Adam!

    How do you kill the monsters?



    The fighting is automatic, but I’m working on improving everything for the next release in a few days 🙂



    Ver 1.03 now upped.
    Changes are:
    Ver 1.03

    Vegetation now animates
    Flickering lights toned down
    Books added
    New 3d models added
    New map decor
    Map changes – crypt tree added
    Clicking knight displays information and raises and lowers
    Clicking a monster gives you some information
    Knight now faces proper direction
    New ‘inhabit’ mode, where you get the view from the knight – activate from new icon at top
    Direction arrows added when there is new ground at edges of tiles



    Ver 1.04 now available.

    Here’s the changes…
    – if a monster can be attacked cursor glows red
    – corrected knight eye view
    -basic food added. some food has random chance of being nasty. food is static, when it’s there. it’s always there
    – clicking monsters now display health and attack levels
    – monsters now display health and attack points above them when clicked and attacked
    – new movement and attacking system for monsters
    – red square to attack text added to menu
    – attacking monsters has a 30% chance of the monster getting an attack in first
    – monsters now drop 1..4 gold when killed
    – more map locations to discover
    – top indicator now shows both health (now green) and attack (silver)
    – max health extended to 8 (previouly was 4)
    – bestiary now includes gribbmax: a more bigger, badder gribble
    – monsters now act in groups



    Coming along really nice!
    Here are some more (unsolicited…) suggestions!

    . The character spinning is a bit distracting, and it happens too often. Why not change its angle only on movement/action?

    . It would be great if the camera animated quickly to the new location when the area changes, instead of teleporting. It’s a bit disorienting.

    . Since I play in a laptop with the trackpad, it would be great if I had an alternative way to rotate the camera that allowed me to use the left hand, so that my right hand is always on the trackpad, the left hand always on the camera keys (I.e. Z and X keys, or something similar). Currently I have to move my right hand away from the trackpad, then back.

    This would be a great mobile game, since the control scheme would work without compromise with touch controls. Are you planning on it?




    My record so far, by the way…



    Great suggestions. I’ll look into them all for you 🙂

    Mobile is a really interesting suggestion. I’ve never compiled for ios, but I do have devices…



    Great game!

    It’s still a bit flickering for me..

    I’ve been stuck in a bug? Could enter the zone but not come back..



    No problem with the bug. I’ll look into it – any other suggestions?

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