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    Matthew Smith

    This might be a possible bug.  If you start with the window as Resizable then change to Fullscreen (F12) it renders ok, but if you start on Fullscreen it displays nothing.

    Can anyone confirm this is the case? if so i’ll raise it.


    Matthew Smith


    I found that if you change the layout=”letterbox” line to something else then it works. I have not delved deep into Monkey2 to know what the problem might be.


    btw – when I tried the fullscreen mode the first time my computer became very slow after ending the program. This for around 10 seconds. The mouse moved really slow and the music in the background played very weird. Never seen anything like this before on this gaming laptop.


    Matthew Smith

    Thanks for checking! Hopefully Mark can determine the problem here.

    Also haven’t seen any slow downs like that myself.


    Matthew Smith

    I’ve raised an issue for this:


    Mark Sibly

    To use “letterbox” layout, you need to also provide an ‘OnMeasure:Vec2i() Override’ method, or mojo wont know what size you want the letterbox ‘content’ to be, ie: the size of the window and the size of the letterbox are 2 different things. Adding this fixes the problem here:

    The default OnMeasure() returns (0,0) which is likely to cause problems! I may change this (or maybe add a check for silly letterbox sizes?) but the solution remains the same – OnMeasure should be implemented when using “letterbox” layout.

    Note the Fullscreen property is @hidden as it’s still under development (sorry if I used it in a banana). There will definitely be *some* way to do this (I quite like the idea of a ‘Flags’ property so you can update any flag after window creation) so use it for now but it may be flaky. Actually, the fact that it’s working here means that it’s broken(!) as it’s ignoring the (0,0) letterbox size you requested!


    Matthew Smith

    Ok – thanks for taking a look Mark!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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