Bug or not ? 2 times using a (mouse) event = ignoring both

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    Still converting old mx code to mx2, and I’m using some events inside some classes.

    I convert it to this example below.

    the output I expect here, (like mx) was “bla2” , what I get was no output

    Is this a bug, or not possible anymore ?

    .. and yes I know that I can do something like this at the end in the class:

    But maybe its a bug and needs to work like the example.


    Mark Sibly

    KeyPressed and ButtonPressed pressed currently ‘clear’ themselves after being read.

    This is because there’s not really an ‘update’ phase in mx2 the way there is in mx1 so the system doesn’t really know when to ‘auto clear’ them.

    Thinking about it now though, I guess auto clearing these after rendering would be OK…



    Oke, than I don’t change my code and wait for an update at your side.



    H! Mark,

    Last time we spoke/I use monkey was about a year ago, I see that you make good steps 😉

    My code still works !, except for this bug above.
    Can you give me the status about this problem above (because in the latest version its still the same problem), so I can decide what to do.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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