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    Okay so I wanted to see if Monkey2 have a good chanche to come out with a stable version soon. One that works *good* across iOS12, Android, Mojave and Windows. Because it has been a bumpy ride with its ups and downs.

    I did a full test for Mojave last night. The results surprise me abit.

    For that I picked 3 versions of M2.

    The last development Github as of 7th Nov 2018.

    The binary version 6 (June).

    And the binary version 6 agaon, but re-compiled the MacOS platform inside Mojave for this test.

    I also compiled a few programs in m2 v6 on a totally different setup which was High Sierra (v10.13.6 and bundled with xcode 9.4.1). I comoiled a small collection of m2 test games/apps on a memory stick for later use on Mojave.

    On the Mojave:

    Monkey v6 compiles working code but it has terrible graphics but nothing else is wrong with it. I read somewhere the symptoms about the need to move the window etc before seeing the graphics but there are no such problems in v6 and Mojave.

    But it is annoyingly bad. With most bananas you do not see this difference so we need better demos for this kind of thing.

    I wish I could provide some but i have not the time to do more than the things i cannot show.

    Recompiling macos platform in Monkey v6 makes it worse. Still works though.

    The development version (7th Nov) is even worse. Absolutely teribble speed. But it works.

    Now the interesting part is that if you compile with v6 on Highsierra and bring the executsbles to Mojave It is perfect.

    This is the only way currently to compile something that works (as it should) and run it on Mojave.

    I will list all the bugs that I found when using M2 in this post as I do not use Github. It is interesting because I thibk they are related and this is part of what is needed to be fixed to have the next stable Monkey2.


    some sourecode with timers forbid android and ios devices to run.
    It also sometimes gives a error message. Im so sorry that i aannot be more exact. Thats the natyre of this bug.
    It also inhibits the speed that it can have. Maxmimum timer is 90-120hz somewhere around.

    Events. Kbd, Mouse, touch and other events is not habdled correctly in queue so they “bleed” from frame to frame sometimes. They are just not in sync. And repeated keys are not habdled correctly.

    I thibk this is the reason why timers act like they do, everything here is related. Which is a good thing I guess.

    And of course making sure that M2 has the minimum latest minimum level and OS versions are supported. I always get distressed when upgrading something.
    Will it break?

    The last thing isn’t a bug maybe but something that I personally thibks should behave differently.

    When you combine resize and fullscreen flags they behave badly.

    If you use the flags fullscreen and resizable together then you get a fullscreen that is not resizable using the mouse.

    As a half baked solution you can use only the resizable flag and then quickly make everything fullscreen using the fullscreen command.

    But this of course creates another kind of fullscreen, one where the mouse are not allowed to minimise or resize the screen. So to have correctly resizable windows cannot start as fullscreens as it is now. These are just my thoughts.

    The bugs seem to be related anyways so it is probably just one.
    I also wish there where more information about what happens in the development right now, it has been quiet.

    Hoping for a stable updated version sometime soon.



    It came to my attention that things do not look as good in Mojave because of the fact that Mojave makes all NSView’s layer-backed automatically.

    This sometimes make a huge difference, and in most apps they do.

    This is also one of the reasons why the older version of Xcode still produces executables that runs as they should on Mojave.



    This does not explain the overall slowdown that showed up somewhere after the June/July build.

    I remember picking the June build as my stable Monkey2 for a good reason, but I cannot for the world of me remember why.

    I remember though that at that point it felt like M2 became more and more primary an undocumented personal tool for the blitzdev team to develop AR and 3D products to sell.

    That’s the sad feeling I got..

    Quality check.. zero



    I suppose you know that Mark has taken a Monkey2 “Hollyday” as he just began a new full time job.

    The July update came with multithreads, that could clearly be why you prefer the June release. Multithread is still “hyper experimental” (Mark’s words) and you can revert to single thread in the env_yourOS.txt File. Have you tried it? Does it help?

    Could you give some values with the bunnymark bannana, it would help quantifying the problem. I haven’t moved to mojave as I know it will f*** up half of my apps.

    Mark tried something with multithreads to get better timers but aborted it because it was too hard on mac for the moment. Knowing there is the opengl applecalispe and that mojoave is once again doing lot of stuff completely differently, and the fact that Mark is not really working on Monkey2, we’ll probably have to wait some time before having these issues fixed unless we work on mojo ourselves.



    I just know that I need to check that M2 v6 + xcode 9.4.1 and Android Studio 3.1.4 and make sure that it compiles to something that you are allowed to upload to the two shops.

    Google sets tye minimum API as of August to 28 I believe and maybe other details have changed as well. Applestor i do now if they demand ios12 now.
    I can compile ios11.

    I updated my ipad to ios 12 and now m2 is locked out bc my working setup does not compile to ios 12. i need new xcode to do that.. and .. ya…

    Im on a holiday too you can say.

    I would feel so fucking shite to do this towards my users if I were him.

    No warning…just let it go.



    Im so fucking stressed up now so i cant even talk but i was working on my dream game and everything was so close..



    But you know what.. at least i got really motivated to learn some Android studio and some Xcode now.

    Imagine.. having tools that are STABLE and WORKS every fucking version.

    No ifs no explosions no fucking glue and rockets made out of papper.

    I tried my best to help and it was ignored.



    how did you try to help and how was it ignored?

    i only see complaining and drama which does not help

    did you submit fixes to github?

    android studio is a mess and explodes at every single turn even without a new version

    good luck in the future



    Yes you are supposed to post issues on github. That’s the way things work nowadays. And ask it gently too. Mark works on M2 during weekends and has already fixed things during his break.
    You should have been aware that M2 is still considered WIP, and that it is not a product with instant upgrates to new OSes requirements. You can’t blame Mark on that.
    Changing the android API to 28 should be easy by just changing it in M2 setup (I don’t remember the filename)
    As for iOS this shouldn’t be too hard either as opengl is still accepted.
    As said previously, if you need it and can’t do it, you have to post issue on github. If do it please make a pull request after you made it.

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