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    Simon Armstrong

    Do you have any monkey2 requirements?

    Mine as follows – feel free to post yours – speculative value is for entertainment purposes only:

    Https Requests for Windows – native win32 API C interface in place of wget.exe – NZ$800

    B3D Loader – a mojo3d .b3d importer – NZ$800

    Blitz3D Interpreter – load and run Blitz3D source using a mojo3d monkey2 runtime – NZ$3200



    Native HTTPS would be really nice — could probably just borrow from brucey’s libcurl/libcurlssl modules.

    Really surprised assimp/mojo3d-loaders don’t do .b3d!

    Blitz3D interpreter: surely the stuff of unhinged crack-pipe dreams?


    For me:

    Mojo3d flat-shading mode!

    Easier shader stuff, eg. access to depth buffer (not managed to figure this out, though it seems to be in there), and rendering PostEffect shaders at arbitrary resolutions (eg. to a Spectrum 256 x 192 texture, rendered via quad to native 1080p/4K or whatever).

    I’ve come to love mojo3d, especially its Behavior-based physics integration!



    Loading and saving in emscripten. Or if this already in a example. I would like to store and load save games. Maybe some info on this. L8mits in filesize. “Cookies?” – one hundred dollars!



    my requests are for desktop since its the only target i use

    but i want native ui module

    “native wget” as mentioned in first post

    less dlls and generally less external files and smaller file sizes

    faster compile times

    maybe a way to ‘incbin’ files like blitzmax could



    I believe it already does .b3d files, via the assimp module (“<mojo3d-loaders>”)? Haven’t tried it, here’s the Assimp format list:

    Agree on the flat shader (“unlit” material). Can be simulated with the proper environment/lights setup, but you don’t get the speed gain from such type of shader.

    Would love an orthographic camera – currently simulating it with a 0.001 FOV camera parented to a pivot at the origin (for orientation). Works pretty well, heh heh… but a real one would be nicer.



    Simon Armstrong

    Nice to see some support for win32 http bounty.

    The most modern API is winhttp which MingW is likely to take issue with or the probably just as good wininet. The https side of things may make the job a real headache which is possibly why Mark opted for pragmatic solution.



    I can’t tell prizes:

    Vulkan (and moltenVK)
    Timers over 44100Hz



    Regarding https you could probably “borrow” it from Cerberus-X aka Monkey X where I introduced libcurl to have https for windows.


    Simon Armstrong

    Monkey2 already has a “mega” library dependency that takes longer to compile than all other modules put together (assimp) so I don’t think it is great idea to add libcurl which I assume would fall into same category.

    IMHO core monkey2 needs to be lighter and faster and with it’s new support for win32 long types I think a wininet module written in pure monkey2 for web requests would fit the bill.

    In the same vein, removing assimp to the external module manager leaving .gltf and possibly a new .b3d pure monkey2 3d model loader in core would make monkey2 a lot smaller and faster to compile.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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