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    Richard Betson

    Adam, try compiling Ted2GO. For whatever reason (permissions look good, looking into this) using will build Ted2 but clicking on the icon does not launch it. If you goto the scripts folder (in your monkey2 directory)  and run you should be good to go.

    If you need help getting the script to run let me know.



    fatal error
    _app_2event.h <– no such file or directory!!


    Richard Betson

    Adam, What version of Linux (Mint/Ubuntu) are you running? Which version of Monkey 2 are you using? How are you running the script in terminal (Ie: what are you typing in to get the script to run and have you changed the path in terminal to the script directory)?

    Going to be away for a bit so will respond later today.



    its ubunu, monkey2 V1.1.09
    cd to get into scripts directory
    ./ to run command

    the fatal error is with the mx2cc compiler

    I know that once it works, it works. but this is neither fun nor anything that anyone should really be doing. There should be simple instructions, and fool proof installs. It’s not a good start IMHO

    But definitely thank you for you patience with me. 🙂


    Richard Betson

    I have not forgot about you Adam. I’ve just got Linux Mint 18.3 (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) installed and running on my system.  I will be installing Monkey, Emscripten and other dependencies over the next few days. As soon as I get everything up and running I’l post a guide and answer any questions I can.

    Just FYI, if you are having problems getting Linux Mint 18.x running after install be sure to read the release notes about ‘ nomodeset  ‘ .  I have a Nvidia GTX 950 and the Nouveau driver will fail without replacing ‘Quiet Splash’ with ‘nomodeset’ as described in the Linux Mint release notes. Blame Nvidia and their driver policies.



    thanks. It might be to do with all the sodding installs you need in the first place.

    I have to say that Linux is just one mess of pain ;{


    Richard Betson


    I was able to compile Monkey on Linux Mint 18.3 – MATE with very few dependencies. The following was all that was needed (enter in terminal):

    Thats it. I so recommend using Linux Mint 18.3 MATE as the GUI/Desktop is very nice and everything just works on Linux Mint.

    I will be installing Emscripten next. My plan is to produce a guide for Linux Mint 18.3 – MATE “Sylvia” as a starting point for users wanting to install Linux and setup up dependencies for Monkey. Keeping it to a specific version and distribution will make it easy for newbie Linux users. Linux Mint is a natural choice for new Linux users and is based/built on Ubuntu.

    Off to install Emscripten. 😉


    Mark Sibly

    sudo aptget install g++multilib libopenaldev libpulsedev libsdl2dev

    Cleanest I’ve seen yet, will probably do a clean install myself soon and give this a whirl.

    My plan is to produce a guide for Linux Mint 18.3 – MATE “Sylvia” as a starting point for users wanting to install Linux and setup up dependencies for Monkey

    This would be great. Even if we can’t cover alllinuxes, one at least would give newbies some idea of where to start.

    Good luck with emscripten! How long does that take to build on a  decent machine (about 6 hours on my el ‘cheapo linux box)?


    Richard Betson

    Cleanest I’ve seen yet, will probably do a clean install myself soon and give this a whirl.

    All I did was install Mint 18.3 – MATE on a formated hard-drive and update the install at medium’ish level in Mint update. When I went through the updates I noticed a software upgrade for mesa. The MATE version and likely Linux Mint (and possibly repository builds like SDL2) include some of the dependencies needed. I literally installed each dependency one-by-one until monkey (fresh install) was built and compiling my stuff to the desktop. I was flat out surprised at how easy it was to get going.

    I agree that providing a proven easy’ish path to Linux is a good thing. The one thing I encounter in Linux Land is over complication (well intentioned and wholly accurate) of the process. The one thing coders working on Windows or even OS X are looking for is an easy approach to starting out on Linux. I’m sure many would like to try it. They are undoubtedly looking for a step by step approach that get’s them going and compiling monkey code in a dependable forum that doesn’t blow their minds. I know from my experience that if you can dependably get up and running on Linux, start building your monkey project, and seeing great performance, dealing with the learning curve of Linux is easier. My experience with Linux Mint has been generally positive. It is by far the best distribution of Linux for those coders looking to jump into Linux.

    I’ll let ya know how long it takes to compile the spectrum of Emscripten. My AMD Phenom X4 does a fair job of it. I’ll be installing GitHub as well as that is required to switch tools for example. A lot to do. At the moment I’m looking over the latest documentation. I’m Thinking tomorrow. 🙂


    Richard Betson

    How long does that take to build on a decent machine

    Well, zero.

    I was able to use the Emscripten portable version which promptly downloaded and installed pre-built libraries/tools. After making a few simple changes I was able to build Emscripten modules and then compile my own code. All running great and, in, all three Emscripten build settings including  WASM.

    So here is what I did to get Emscripten compiling on Monkey using Linux Mint 18.3 MATE.

    Install the following dependencies by entering this in terminal.


    Download the Linux version of Emscripten portable. Once downloaded you will need to extract it to a directory of your choice.

    Direct Download Link

    Next you will need to run the command line tool emsdk which is in the emsdk-portable directory. From your file manager open up the emsdk-portable folder and right-click and open up a console / terminal from that location. Then type the following into the console / terminal window.


    Next enter the following to download and install SDK and Tools.


    Next activate the SDK


    Next you will need to run the following script to set environment variables. IMPORTANT. Notice the ‘space’ between the two periods.


    Lastly you will need to modify env_linux.txt. Basically you need to modify the path to Emscripten. Here is mine.


    Remember to make sure the path in env_linux.txt  for mini server is correct.

    Thats it and the whole process should take less then an hour depending on your internet bandwidth. Once done you will need to build Emscripten modules for Monkey and then you should be able to compile Monkey code with Emscripten.



    For Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon (fresh install and full update as of today) I installed the following:

    Through Synaptic:

    g++ package

    Through terminal: sudo apt-get install


    Monkey2 1.1.09 (github develop branch) “./” compiled without errors. All the bananas and Mojo3D tests compiled/ran without issues for desktop debug/release target. Quite impressive, actually…

    As for emscripten, I’m not that masochistic… 😉



    I think I need to start again. as Mint seems to be the one people are using, I’ll give that a go…




    Linux distro: manjaro-xfce-17.1.2-stable-x86_64 – Fresh install and update.

    Today’s Monkey2 develop branch code.

    “./”, Monkey2 fully compiles without dependency-related errors. No additional package downloads were necessary.

    Bananas run wonderfully desktop target, debug and release.

    What the hell is going on?! That’s too easy! 🙂

    The only caveat is I had use the terminal to launch the IDE (./”Monkey2 (Linux)”) because the Thunar file manager thinks that file is a “shared library”.


    Richard Betson

    What the hell is going on?! That’s too easy!

    I know; right? I was able to get Emscripten up and running easily. All with pre built binaries (no long compiles). I generally find it’s pretty easy to get Monkey going on on Linux desktop. I have a triple monitor setup (3×27″) and it’s all powered by Linux. I really have no complaints developing on Linux.



    Here’s my script for checking out, building and running from scratch on stock Ubuntu 17.10, based on Richard Betson’s post above, just adding git and the build/run process:

    You can just run each line one at a time in the terminal, but better to make into a script:

    1) Paste into plain text editor and save as (or whatever you prefer);
    2) Run chmod +x to make executable;
    3) Run via ./

    This will create a monkey2 folder in the same place, build everything (tip: make several cups of tea and maybe watch a box-set), then it finally runs Ted.

    Note you can comment-out the last line if you don’t want to run Ted right away — place a # (hash symbol) at the start of the line.

    Similarly for the two git clone lines, you can swap the # over if you want the develop branch — recommended if you’re just messing about.

    Not yet figured out how to create a graphical launcher in Ubuntu 17.10, so have to run via terminal at the moment, cd’ing into monkey2 folder and running via ./Monkey2\ \(Linux\) — yuk!

    That was disturbingly easy — thanks, Richard!

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