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    Samuel Venable


    I created a native library for a different game engine and I was planning to port it to Monkey 2. I noticed Monkey 2 already uses Tiny File Dialogs and my extension is based on that, except it has been modified slightly for several purposes, one of them being support for multiple file filters with the file selection dialogs. I have completed this feature on Windows and Linux, but I have yet to do it on Mac.

    3 questions:

    1. I was wondering if anyone found this useful enough for me to sell as an asset on itch.io for Monkey 2 users.  ($1.99 USD)
    2. Does Monkey 2 provide a way to call external shared libraries? Such as a *.DLL, *.DYLIB, or *.SO, depending on the platform?
    3. Would anyone be willing to help me code the rest of what I’d like to get done? (You will be credited but not payed, and there really isn’t that much left to do).

    Here’s my project on GitHub, and see the readme for more details on what my library does:



    Samuel Venable



    There is no .dll support yet.

    Monkey2 provides similar functions, so I don’t know would that be useful or not.



    The idea for purchasing assets  -seeing from myself- it depends on getting the job done and saving me work. I don’t know what I need until I know I need it. But it would be good to start seeing Monkey2 assets flowing all over the place – perhaps if there are more assets it will help many people kickstart their projects.


    As for calling DLLs you can see this one I made here, is so simple that it can be used as a reference (though I think I would make a tutorial as well). You can modify it directly with your own function names.

    Get the current language in device

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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