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    Hi Mark. This is going to be an odd one as it is not something that can simply be ‘tested’. So I will describe my findings:
    when using sound/channel many many (100s/1000’s) then entire system breaks down and suddenly stops!
    Once this point is reached, slowly (within a minute) all channels/sound will stop playing!

    At first I thought this was an error with me doing something wrong.
    But ‘the revils’ also had similar issues with sound with his game which sounds the same – sound stop playing after a while for no reason.

    I have now encountered this with another app that uses sound, that suddenly stops. the sounds are loaded (I have the data being displayed). but the sound system is just shut down (no playhead movement, etc)

    My thoughts are there is some form of internal resource/allocation that is not being freed?

    I thought I’d bring it to your attention so you are aware of it 🙂



    Sorry I don’t recall what issue I had, apart from a music issue which was fixed: https://github.com/blitz-research/monkey2/issues/316

    Could you remind me?



    You had some issues with ‘get to da choppa’ where sound would not function after playing for a long time.

    But ifthis issue was cleared with (1.1.09) I’ll check it out 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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