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    Here’s a quick look at some filesystem stuff i’m working on.

    It’s basically taking the old blitzmax Wave2 code, improving it and displaying (currently).

    I haven’t worked on the bigger icons yet, but all the base code is there. I’ve also converted the old image strip for the icons into a much more usable bitmapfont file.



    What are you going to do with that?)



    The first thing will be to move as much of wave2 from BlitzMax over to monkey2.

    |The one thing wave2 had was instant playback of samples from the file browser – any sound it could handle was instantly available. so you could preview sounds as fast as you could move through the file browser.

    So I will need to bring all the sound loader code.

    Then I will add the 3d functions to it along with the image previews



    I’ve been reverse engineering the old Roland s50 sample disk format. I think I’ve got the data now, just need to convert it from 12 bit!



    Second look.

    As you move around the browser any image or sound files will automatically load and be displayed.

    Sounds can then be directly played from the keyboard. This is the exact concept Wave2 used and allows for instant preview of audio files in eluding very big files (many megs).

    You can see in the small screen shot that stereo samples are shown as stereo, and mono (well as mono)



    minor update on whats happening here.

    standard wav and ogg supported. I will add the other 12bit and 24 bit later for .wav

    Akai .Snd mono and stereo 16 bit formats supported

    Roland s50 .out format supported

    I’ll now get working to move the other format readers from blitzMax wave2 to monkey2.

    First will be .aif format



    Here’s a look at it opening an Akai .Snd file

    You can see both stereo channels properly loaded. with the file manager showing the correct disk icons.

    I’ve also added the piano view showing the current octave and note being played, the can be done directly through the keyboard or by clicking with the mouse.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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