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    News from the brave new crypto world: you can get $5 or so of free tokens to donate to the websites of your choice:
    Blockchain browser Brave makes push to reward content makers and YouTubers

    The way it works is this: you download Brave browser (quite nice actually, I am posting this from it), claim your free tokens, and then allocate them to the websites you visited in a month. Once enough people visit a website, the owner can claim a reward once it exceeds $100. Details here:

    My tokens are on Mark 🙂

    P.S. Clearly I am bored out of my mind lol


    Mark Sibly

    Oh no, yet another ‘blockchain’ thing I just don’t get…

    My tokens are on Mark 🙂

    On the other hand, sounds like a great idea – thanks!



    Ok… exactly how it should works?
    I’ve installed Brave, I’m surfing on Monkeycoder website… but what should happen?
    What I should configure to give the tokens to Mark?

    btw, the browser itself seems very nice


    so, basically, Mark could get something just with the surfing AND just having a YT channel (not a bad idea).



    Well worth being an early adopter on some of these new crypto’s I think. Lots of scams out there though so you have to be careful, BAT looks ok though and a good idea. Another one I was keeping an eye on is fundrequest (, which will be a way of being paid to solve issues on github and stack exchange. So if there’s an issue or feature request on monkey2 github then multiple people can raise money to get it implemented if that’s a priority for them. Could be great for open source projects.



    I should have bought bitcoins two years ago… :'(


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