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    Using latest Monkey 2 I’m getting some weird 3D glitches when rendering simple stuff without any 2D.

    That torus is supposed to be black.
    However, if I draw some text on the canvas; everything seems fine.

    Here’s the code.
    Uncomment line 43 (‘canvas.DrawText’) to see it “fixed”:

    Oh, and I’ve noticed that 3D now ‘stretches’ when you resize the window.
    It used to adjust itself to the window size.
    Why the change?



    The torus is bright green here, same as the solid part of your gif animation, regardless of the commented/uncommented line.

    You say it’s meant to be black, but doesn’t the emmissive factor change that? I notice the middle ‘green’ parameter is 2, but isn’t that a 0.0 – 1.0 float? Not sure what emmissive factor does, but ‘sounds’ like it should make it glow in the colour given, so looks right to me!

    Guessing that corruption is driver-specific since it’s rendering OK here… what’s it running on? Perhaps that Color (0,2,0) is causing some oddness with your driver, whereas mine is capping it at 1.0?



    Oh sorry, yeah.. didn’t notice that little EmissiveFactor call.
    This is actually part of the Ted2Go “Simple Mojo3d app” template, so that EmissiveFactor wasn’t something I added.

    But either way, I’m still getting glitchy stuff without the EmissiveFactor color.

    I’ve tested this on a few GPUs I have here, they’re all Ati cards though.
    But all running a few different versions of the Ati drivers.
    The above GIF was recorded on a Radeon RX 460 with the latest drivers.

    Here’s the same thing, but with some 2D canvas calls.



    Weird, it’s like some buffer isn’t being cleared… or a different buffer format to what’s expected… or something…



    On my MacBook Air all I get is the green shadow with or without the text.


    Mark Sibly

    All working fine here although very green…should have a slightly better template for mojo3d in there…

    I have an nvidia gfx card though. Can anyone confirm this happens on nvidia too, or is it ATI only?

    Can someone try canvas.Flush() and/or opengl.glFlush() before/after _scene.Render()?

    Reszie behavior is the same here on both develop and 1.1.08 releases, but this is all getting messed with at the moment so don’t worry about it (yet).



    Works fine on my GTX 1050, GTX1070 and Quadro FX 1800 cards (Windows 10, Windows 10 and Windows 7)



    I get a black background and a super bright green non shaded torus.

    GPU : Radeon Pro 580 8 GB



    @Mark Sibly the artifact are still there after using canvas.Flush() and/or opengl.glFlush()



    I’m not sure if it matters, but, my laptop with a 940MX (Nvidia) shows no glitchiness, with or without the 2D call. Maybe it’s a driver issue? A GL issue? I just don’t have the resources to investigate this.

    Best wishes everyone.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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