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    I want to save small amounts of data very simply across all platforms, things like the score and save where the player is.

    How do you use the internal storage for ios android and desktops? The bananas does not explain much or i am just not that clever to understand it.

    Can you for instance include txt files in the assets and overwrite them?
    Would that keep the information permanently? Can you create a file programmatically? let’s say you include it in the sourcecode like base64 or json or something else and write a file to assets or this internal storage everyone talks about?



    You can grab some pieces of code here to create your own binary writer.

    It’s not the perfect way to learn unfortunately, I would like to spend more time and create a nice tutorial, but at this point it will get your job done.

    Reading the string with databuffer


    P.S. I don’t consider though that you will to distribute your saved game files among devices (say you saved in Android and you want to load on Windows desktop). You will have to think of fighting endian-ness if so.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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