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    Mark Sibly

    Hi and happy new year everyone!

    There a blog update on the front page with my monkey2 related plans for 2017.

    I’d be interested to know what everyone else has got planned for this year too, even if it’s not monkey2 related.

    Also, what would people like to see added most to monkey2?



    Hi Mark, Happy New Year. I bought Monkey-X studio in September 2016 and supporting Money 2 in patreon. Not made any games in Monkey/Monkey2 yet. This year I plan to use Monkey in Game Jams and create one game a month to get the expertise to release some commercial games next year.

    I would love to buy well made Monkey 2 game demos with source for learning. I will also be interested to support 3D in Monkey2 via patreon.



    I plan to use Monkey2/Pyro2 for something instead of just lurking on the forums and waiting for updates.

    Hope the office situation works out for you and Patreon $ increases to 3D-tastic levels !!



    3d is what I would want to see most for mx2. I wil however be using the donate button to contribute. At this moment I think I want to donate every now and then.  I tried using paypal with the option to up it with money from my bank and it went flawlessly. I have donated a amount recently to blitz research. I do not expect to see a compettitor to appear that wil make a 3d option as good an easy as blitz3d or a 2d language as good as bb or monkey so I wil stick with blitzresearch.

    This year i I want to continue learning how to make games. Rts/rpg/platformer/tbs/puzzle ect. I want to spend time learning how to make gfx/music. Maybe continue making tools like sprite/map editors. And I want to get back to voice acting/singing/rapping, which wil take a lot of hours getting good at it seeing it was 10 years ago since I did that.

    If anyone want to get donations from me, I would donate for good example code/tutorials. Things to learn how to make games. I spend money on books that do not contain that much good information so alternatives are welcome.

    happy new year!



    I’m waiting for the next MX2 package to take a look again (it’s been a while).
    The latest blog entry and future plans sound very, very interesting!

    My big thing for this year is getting the paraglider license and fly again.
    Got/did the skydiving license when I was 27 and jumped for 3 years (116 jumps or so).
    This year I will turn 40, so the paraglider license is my big birthday present to myself… 😀

    Flying – I try to enjoy life as much as I can. I think there is only one life – one chance.
    I try to use this chance as much as possible, to make my dreams become true.
    Means travelling the world and enjoying total freedom is most important to me. Until I die.



    Happy new year! 🙂

    2017 will probably exciting for me. After creating 8 games with Monkey 1 and one with Unity I want to use MX2 for my next game. My focus is still on mobiles, so Android and iOS I’m fine with! December was the first month where I earned more from my apps than I got payed in my day job. If it stays that way I can focus even more on that and make it full time.

    Personally I do not need 3d stuff atm. What I would need are things that are needed for mobiles, like InApp-purchases, Admob integration and stuff like Google Play Services and Game Center integration (iOS). I’m happy to pay for that!




    Happy new year! Good luck with the office, sounds like a positive step 🙂

    Lots of documentation would be great, make it as easy as possible for people to get started, I’ll hopefully help out there if I get a chance to do tutorials. Looking forward to the youtube vids as well! The admob stuff Xaron mentions is probably high priority as well.

    I also think Monkey 2 has loads of potential if you support as many popular libraries/tools as possible (as mentioned in email) – maptilers, sprite animators, physics engines etc., and make a youtube vid for each one about how integrate and use in monkey. It’ll be a great way to build interest and traffic as you’ll be tapping into the audiences and users of those products. But I do think better docs will increase conversion rates. It’s easy to convert old blitz users who already have a good idea, but not so sure about brand new know-nothing-about blitz users.

    You said you share an office with a couple of developers who’ve never heard of blitz/monkey, ask them to use monkey 2 and get their feedback if they’re willing. But they’re not allowed to consult with you, they’re only allowed to use what’s available online to figure things out. Might help give you some direction for what needs doing.

    For me personally, it’s my 3rd year of freelancing (web developer), and this year I will launch my first WordPress theme. Aim is to earn enough from that and TimelineFX (plus monthly maintenance from a few clients), to just do that full time as building web sites kind of sucks, but they do pay the bills 🙂



    Happy new year!

    3d module isn’t interesting for me. Mobile things first.

    About involving of users – need to show benefits of mx2 and improve them.

    Thinking about any tool for gamedev I compare it with Unity3d. As for me, world editor + user’s scripts on game objects is very good solution, easy and fast dev in result.

    So, this time I’m working on a module – 2d component-based framework, that was made in the likeness of unity3d.

    Next step – create editor for this framework.

    The goal is to create a minimal 2d part of unity3d including drag-n-drop Editor.

    I don’t know if I have the enthusiasm to complete. 🙂

    Also / maybe – create game constructor (w/o coding) for mobile.



    btw, besides 3d. Collision functions are high up my lists of things that I want. A 2d polygon2polygon(area) collision function like that one in java would rock! 🙂



    @pakz TimelineFX has a collisions module with box, line, circle and poly collisions which might be of some use to you.



    Happy New Year to everyone.

    My plans for 2017 mainly involve coping with the lack of sleep since the birth of my son last year and trying to subliminally get him interested in coding.

    I like the direction Monkey is heading but I feel the complexity is getting further away from me. The beauty of Blitz products for me has always been that sweet spot of ease of use and power, and reading through some of the posts at the moment are leaving me scratching my head.

    As for 3D I’m sure it would raise a bit of cash but the competition for 3D is just so massively huge I don’t see it as a worth while endevour.

    My perfect Monkey would be 2D focused, agile and light (like a monkey!)



    @nerobot Sounds like you want to build a new Godot 😉

    I might be wrong here, but it looks like the “easy 3d for everybody” niche is occupied by Unity, and it is next to impossible for a small development team, let alone one person, to compete with that (I might be wrong here – Mark is quite a capable man).

    I took a quick look at Godot. For me as a user, it looks like what MX2 could’ve been given enough time and development effort. It has a development toolset build around the core, and it’s all neatly integrated in one package. Not as 100% plug-and-play as Unity, but more interesting for people who like to tinker (kind of like Windows vs Linux). For MX2 to get to this level, there should be, as nerobot put it, a lot of enthusiasm (which is the domain of the young and the unmarried 🙂

    With whatever experience and codebase I’ve accumulated in Monkey, I think I’ll stick with it for 2017. It meets my modest needs.



    Happy New Year!

    First off, I haven’t been programming much at all for several years. Just a bit dabbling every now and then. But I’ve been following / supporting Mark and his Blitz range of products, with exception of Monkey-X I think, for many years – ever since BlitzBasic (2D) way back when. Heck, I’m a patreon supporter, even though I haven’t been active in the community for some years now. (A heart please, Mark ;))

    My plans for this year is firstly to install the new kitchen I’ve ordered – should be done in a couple of weeks I hope (tearing down the current one next week 🙂 ). After that I hope I’ll be able to get some motivation to get back into some programming again. I feel I kind of miss it. hehe

    Which brings me to the next thing; I tested the latest MX2 release a couple of days ago, and what struck me is the lack of documentation. I mean, event though most of it was there (some sections are missing, f.ex. “hoedown”), it was kind of cumbersome to read/click through. And there’s a massive lack of examples in the modules section.

    Now, it’s great that Mark is trying to turn around his financial situation, and also moving into a new office space, surrounding himself with likeminded people. My thinking is that when he’s focusing more on the PR thing and exposing Monkey2 to a wider audience, the first thing they are presented with is a (fairly good, but currently a bit sparse) IDE and the documentation. If they find the docs to be lacking, they’ll quickly loose interest.

    I believe that language itself needs to be rock solid, and the documentation and examples needs to be beefed up by a good amount, before it is exposed to “the rest of the world”. Also it needs to be integrated more into the IDE, like looking up and giving examples of usage by pressing F1 or middle-clicking on the keywords/methods etc. in the editor.

    So, in short, my “wishlist” for Mark would be:

    1. Revamp the docs and adding examples for everything, and making the language and IDE rock solid.
    2. PR by making youtube video tutorials etc. and perhaps doing some articles/interviews on programming/news-sites.
    3. Monetizing the add-on modules (admob etc).
    4. Then start coding a 3D engine (3D is always what many people ask for). No, I don’t think Unity is an alternative.

    Wow, this turned out to be a long post, but kudos to ones who read it all!! 😉

    All the best to everyone! 🙂



    Hey Mark!

    Glad to hear you got an office. I was working at home for a several years and it almost drove me insane 😀 I finally moved out to a co-working space and haven’t looked back. Productivity went way up!

    I like the sound of your road map for the most part. From what I’ve observed, many people really want to understand the language and there are three ways to do that. Complete docs, tutorials, a great coding example(s) that would showcase all the features (like the game you want to make). Anyone remember Super Skidmarks 😉

    Accomplishing these things would clear the way for 3D development. But I can’t stress the importance of great docs, examples, and a solid friendly IDE. Just encourage the existing user base to help out with docs, provide a means, and I’m sure many will lead the charge. The work that nerobot has done with the IDE is awesome!

    Take care Mark and ride this momentum! Monkey 2 can be as successful as you want it to be. It’s great stuff!



    What’s the planned release date for the next package for Patreon supporters?

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