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    tinkering, modifying and making tools and integrating them into ted21.

    And here is the latest thing I’m working on: a hex strategy game (graphics about 228k), sound will be auto generated and not use wav, etc.

    what I would like to see added – flexible access to shaders in 3d and 2d



    what I would like to see added – flexible access to shaders in 3d and 2d

    I’d love to see this as well. I was just playing with shaders and creating a few basic ones but there doesn’t seem to be anyway to pass a custom variable to the shader – for example Time so that you can do some shader animations. The way three.js does it looks pretty good and flexible: http://stemkoski.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/animated-shaders-in-threejs.html and result: http://stemkoski.github.io/Three.js/Shader-Animate.html

    Shaders is something I’d like to try more with particle effects 🙂



    Happy New Year,

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the option for a user to load an image from their device, although appreciate the security issues
    of enabling this within HTML5. Monkey X provides the facility to use images from pre-compiled sources or from a web-server.

    @Adam, I like your screenshot 😉

    I’ve managed to do (just about) everything I desire with a project I’m doing within MonkeyX, purely in HTML5,
    despite owning the ability to compile for multiple platforms. The idea was to prototype in HTML5 and move on
    to Android and maybe desktop… hasn’t quite worked out that way as yet.

    I’ve bought all of the BRL products to date, created an educational product with BMax that was sanctioned for use
    by the now defunct BECTA. Not that it amounted to much, I’m crap at marketing and prefer to achieve my goals for
    my own satisfaction mainly.

    I’d like to write a guide about how to write a data parser for specific types of data (in MonkeyX, but probably
    Monkey 2) – my concern is that gaming is where its at – who wants to know how to parse and subsequently compare data? 3D within Monkey2 does sound intriguing, I’d a lot of fun and gratification coding with B3D over the years.

    I’d like to contribute to Monkey2 via patreon in the very near future, things are a bit tight at the mo though.
    Can empathise with broken bike and car – a drunk driver wrote our car off a few months ago which was only 3rd party fire and theft….   Jeez, bit of a long post – better stop.

    Good luck with the new office premises, collaborative working can definitely help things move forwards 😉



    I’d be interested to know what everyone else has got planned for this year too, even if it’s not monkey2 related.

    Working on an new apartment, from empty space so a bit of work still… After that I plan to work as much as I can on a game scenario I started in 2015.

    Also, what would people like to see added most to monkey2?

    -Mobile multitouch
    -IOS emulator ability
    -End user friendly setup of targets.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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