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    Mark Sibly

    Ok, is the Hot Pink theme a bit much?

    I liked it last week…now I’m not so sure.

    Perhaps just stick with classic monkey colors, ie: yellow/brown?



    don’t like it at all. didn’t like the brown either.



    I actually don’t mind it — reminds me of the O’Reilly books with that silhouette logo! Maybe if it was toned down slightly…

    No no no to the Monkey colour scheme, well off it now.

    I guess the “Blitz” name isn’t coming back any time soon… 🙁




    Its readable and fresh 😉 keep it for now



    Well… I like the color combination of SCALA UI (at the time of AMIGA days! LIKE HERE) – at least for the head/top page, buttons (blog, modules, language…)

    For the single post a white (like in MonkeyX forum) and a proper font (I like the previous one!)

    Pink surely is not so great…



    Mark Sibly

    I guess the “Blitz” name isn’t coming back any time soon…

    Pretty much – I mean, where do you go after ‘blitz max’? ‘blitz infinite’?!?




    Ha ha… and what’s wrong with stripping down to plain old “Blitz” as a language name?

    As much as I love the product, I never really got comfortable with the Monkey name. That said, though, I do admire your dedication to it, despite the frequent comments from the (“ha ha”) peanut gallery!


    (Still prefer Blitz.)




    I vote no for the pink.  I liked the original gray/dark type theme, it looked like my IDE settings.



    oh jebus don’t get me started on the name …..  Plain “blitz” would have been much better than monkey you could have kept the community whole and just built a new website for EVERYONE in the brl world and not just the monkey users.


    Also drop the pink .



    I think there are a lot on names that you can still use the name Blitz with that are bigger and more powerful than max. Here are some that I can think of

    Blitz Ultra
    Blitz Ultimate
    Blitz Fusion  (I read that you wanted this new langauge to be a hybrid of Monkey and                             Blitzmax, this name would go well with that way of thinking)
    Blitz Genesis

    I’m sure there are a lot more

    @Mark You are Blitz Research and all of your best products have the name Blitz in them. Please consider keeping this naming convention as I’m sure it will serve you well as it has done up to now.

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