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    And here’s the Python exporter… still needs lots of work, but should work with the free Houdini edition (Apprentice), if anyone wants to try it. Please read the Github readme file so you know which nodes are supported before trying it.

    I’m not super familiar with Python, and this is the largest thing I’ve done in it, so expect many rookie mistakes.


    The main roadblock now is the lack of gltf support in Houdini, added to the fact that I can’t get a decent material export from Houdini to any external file format… but at least Houdini Material to Mojo3D PbrMaterial works great!

    There’s an option to convert references to .fbx and .obj files to a reference to a .glb file on the mojo3d side, but it’s annoying that I have to create two different files for a single model.

    Will come up with better ways to override the material in the .mojo3d file itself. Currently, you can do it if the FBX file is collapsed (“Collapse Hierarchy on Load” option), but you can only assign a single new material – see the green block in the middle of the monkeys, it’s a .glb file that had its material replaced.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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