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    this question is basically for @nerobot
    This is my last attempt with this engine, my native language is Arabic, not English

    I am a programmer but I have always worked with administrative software, I have used blender and its GE, and it is good but it is limited.

    you already have a reference of what is, modeling shading animation, but I do not understand your documentation, nor understand your nodes, and the most confusing is how the scenes work

    ask in discord how to start the first scene, your answer was in the documentation, there are no examples, there are no samples, I am not an expert in video games, it is like asking a farmer to build a wheat thresher and give him a manual with terms technicians a gear bag, and a seat. and also the farmer speaks Norwegian and you give him documents in English

    QUESTION !!!

    Well, it would help me a lot to understand the mechanics of your engine if you tell me how to put a scene like placing a 3d object and how to use your user manual that seems to be for people who have used this engine all their lives!

    NOTE:It would also be useful that they are not despot and arrogant, and that they limit themselves to answer in a concrete way since my question I have seen doing searches on the internet and many people gave up using this engine for those simple reasons



    Simon Armstrong

    Mojo3D is not ready for beginners, i think also use of monkey2/ root to dump conceptual / incomprehensible / advanced mojo3d files is a bit unrepresentative of the tech.

    If you have time you could deviate from studying source code of a 2D banana or two and edit and view the .mojo3d files.

    Perhaps you can design entire game worlds in them but more likely you will advance by studying the source files in /modules/mojo3d/tests which could arguable be moved to root directory status 🙂

    Allah? If you are arabic perhaps you could use arabic charset for your user name, IMHO I don’t think it translates well to english.



    I’m not really into 3D but…

    You can find samples in the “banana” folder. There you have “toy-plane” sample which is the only 3d banana.
    You can also go to Files>Templates>simple mojo3D App to see a simplest 3D App code
    The other samples are in the “test” folder of each module. For example in modules/mojo3d/test or module/mojo3d-loader/test

    There are also .mojo3d scene files in the root directory but I never tried to open or create one so I can’t really help here.

    Someone has made a small game called “BUST” this should be in the projects section of this forum.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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