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    The Implicit type conversions section in the help states that Any numeric type will be automatically converted to Any numeric type.

    However, I’ve got a method which takes doubles, Function AreEqual:Void(expected:Double, actual:Double), and if I try to pass floats in, AreEqual(123.45, 123.45), the compiler compains with “can’t find overload … with argument types (float, float)”.

    The same thing happens with other numeric data types, e.g. declared as Long and passing Int.

    Am I missing something or have I misunderstood?


    Mark Sibly

    This works fine here:

    If you have defined several overloads of ‘AreEqual’ you may have problems if the compiler can’t work out which one you are meaning to call, eg: if you define AreEqual( Double,Double ) and AreEqual( Long,Long ) then you’ll get an error as AreEqual( 123.45,123.45 ) is ambiguous.



    Yep – I have a Long overload as you guessed – that’ll be the problem  🙂

    I was hoping that I’d just need Double and Long overloads and then could pass in any of the numeric types – something like how C# does it where it’ll implicity convert to “larger” types, but you need to explicity convert to “smaller” types:

    But it’s not really a problem adding overloads for the other numeric types.

    For testing these (and other) functions is there any way to specify a double literal in code? e.g. Java and C# let you use 123.45f for float, 123.45d for double, 123L for long etc.



    I’ve sorted it now using generics  🙂

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