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    Since Monkey2-3d is coming soon I thought that maybe I would suggest a book that I liked and inspired me. The book is about the developers of Doom.  I read it from front to back in almost one go.

    It is not a new book so it is not that expensive.

    btw. There are also a good post mortem video about doom on the gdc youtube channel.



    Wow, I didn’t know that such a book exists, I would definitely look at it.


    It’s about since a few months I started paying attention to Romero’s speeches and writings, in hope that I would learn some “old school” techniques. For example one such recommendation of Romero (search it on Gamasutra) was not to write reusable code…

    (considering that in order to write reusable code, you will have to predict unplanned features, make abstractions, add features that are not needed)

    … but to write mission specific goal that does the job, and when if you consider re usability you just modify the existing foundation and improve it. From my understanding these are practical “agile techniques” as done in 1994.



    This is the guy who inspired me to look back at doom.

    This is programming done oldskool. be prepared to feel “not worthy”!

    He is a genius…



    Yeah, these are great stuff he’s making.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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