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    Ok, great, glad it helped 🙂 I just did another bit of editing this morning and went through and I did another pull request so you can review the changes I made. If you’d rather I just merge this stuff myself (ie. you don’t want to review every change) then let me know and I can start doing it that way.



    (ie. you don’t want to review every change)

    I don’t want to have “full control” on the fork. That’s why I put it on a mx2docscommunity organisation and invite people as owners.. My only aim is to avoid Mark wasting time on such simple things as language reference. So feel free to modify it as you like. The fact that English is your mother tongue makes you a better superviser than me!

    I have to move the samples/examples to another branch, must talk with nerobot to see how to intergate links to those samples.
    My main problem for now is how to create links to the language reference as the index should have links to it (or at least to samples). But this will need some code modification of mx2cc/makedocs to generate new namespaces. So this needs some understanding of mx2cc’s makedoc part wich is not due to the evidence. And I’m not sure Mark will accept these modifications anyway.
    I have to finish the article on assets import but I actually have to learn it before, because I don’t really use assets in my projects for now!
    Few other issues are still to be done (“where-implements” kwd, #import for reflexion, make a page about generics?) . But we hopefully can make a pull request in some short time.
    Happy you joined the organistaion!

    I’ve updated the with your latest modifications..



    Ok, sounds good. If you have something else you need proofread or anything let me know. In the mean time I’ll take a look at the issues on github and see if there is something I can handle. If so I’ll assign the issue to myself so you’ll know I’m working on it. Does that work for you?



    Working great for me!
    I found a way to create links from index to lang. ref. without modifying docsmaker. It’s a bit hacky but the users won’t see it, so I suppose it’s ok. I’ll make the links for each index entry this way for my next step.
    If you are used to assets imports you are welcome the enhance/start the “assets-import” page. If not, I will do some little sample exercises to see how all this exactly works.


    Mark Sibly

    Thanks for all the effort you guys are putting into this, feel free to make a pull request when you’re ready!

    I do plan on devoting considerably more time to the docs in the near future. I would also like to get an ebook together by xmas, which I can sell to hopefully raise more funding.

    By then, 3d will have matured considerably too and the overall monkey2 package should be looking pretty sweet!



    I’ve created a simple live Markdown editor to help validate correct formatting/to get a good feel of how it would look.
    – Saving/Loading Markdown Files
    – Exporting Markdown to an Html File
    – Live Html View
    (Tested on Windows 10)


    Mark Sibly

    How big is that file? I’ll see if I can increase the upload limit..



    I accidentally imported the MojoX asset folder because I was messing with themes, which really wasn’t needed. But it was roughly 721 KB or 724 KB (On Disk)

    Just a Note: I’ve noticed Bold and Italic don’t really seem to work in the native HtmlView.
    Under lighthtml.monkey2 the font styles for either are commented out. Does this note work just yet?


    Mark Sibly

    Ok, changed upload limit from 512k to 1M.

    And no, the built in htmlview can’t render bold, italic fonts yet – need to add this capability to mojo but it’s low priority.



    feel free to make a pull request when you’re ready!

    I’ll do some cleanups & finish the index links on my next free day (wich is sunday). I hope it’ll be ready for the pull request then.



    The links from index to lang. ref. is now done.

    Things I planned to do before a pull request:

    -checking for accepted file types (depending on platforms?) For now it’s almost a copy of mx1 file types, should it be in mojo docs and lang. ref. or only in mojo docs. A link from lang. ref. to mojo?
    -add “Print” kwd in misc section
    -add “Where” keyword, but where? Maybe create a generics topic (for global funcs and methods) I’m not too comfortable with it so i’ll may skip this.

    There are other issues on the fork but I don’t plan to work on them before the first pull request:
    -can class have functions? I think yes. (it’s not documented)
    -supported systems are missing (for develop and for release)
    -“Object” type is not documented (is it usable?)
    -.. and other ones too..

    To see the WIP

    Please comment if you see something wrong.. Especially the index that may contain bad English.



    Pull request made!

    A printable version is attached, you can still see the WIP at:

    I’ll be away from Mx2 for a while due to hard work but should be back on December (Half or FULL time!)

    Mx2 rocks, I can’t wait for December to start working on my mobile game with this awesome dev. tool!

    1. printableDocs.docx


    Nice, way to go @abakobo 🙂 I will try to continue chipping away at things. I will wait and see how the pull request works out before adding any more big chunks but I will take a look over the index and fix any small grammar or typo problems I find.



    It could have at least one more theme with the white background color in the documentation because this dark blue background would bother me to read the documentation.



    Will look into adding some white theme ASAP but it’s not soon.. sorry bout that.

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