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    For those who want a white themed docs:

    The official docs are now white themed.



    Added a link in the online docs to the white doc page…



    Very useful. Thanks!



    Could anybody check the english (and mx2) correctness of the following modification in docs before requesting a pull?




    Hey Abakobo, I read over the commit and made a few small changes. You can see them here

    Sorry about the weird line break changes, I’m not sure what caused that.

    Also, I had a question about this line in modules/monkey/language/newdocs/

    Note that casting to Void Ptr is essentially used when dealing with external native code.

    I don’t understand Void Ptr enough to understand this line, but using “essentially” in that way doesn’t seem right. Do you mean it is the only use for Void Ptr, or just a common use?

    If it’s a common use, but not the only use, you might say:

    Note that casting to Void Ptr is commonly used when dealing with external native code.

    If dealing with external code is the only use for Void Ptr, you might want to be more specific:

    Casting to Void Ptr is used when dealing with external code.

    In the latter case, it might make more sense to move that up the doc towards a bit more, as it seems like an important piece of information to leave down at the end in a note.



    thanks arawkins!



    @abakobo Hello!  Just found this thread.  I can’t believe I’d missed/forgotten about it!

    I’m wondering how the docs get from the m2docsCommunity repo onto the website?  I presume that requires some sort of manual operation by you to upload it?

    BTW are you one of the turdus band members?



    According to the github page, on the wipdocs branch :

    This branch is 27 commits ahead, 7 commits behind blitz-research:develop.

    Those 27 commits are the ‘dev up’ merges and shouldn’t really show up here.  I don’t understand why github doesn’t understand that they have been remerged back into blitz-research:develop.

    Anyway, I have rebased the wipdocs branch onto the latest blitz-research:develop (on my machine), and published the result to a new branch on m2docsCommunity repo called ‘rebased’.  It currently says :

    This branch is even with blitz-research:develop

    I think that if we now use this ‘rebased’ branch for pushing all doc updates, I will then be able to rebase it again before sending Mark a pull request.  As I’ve said before though rebasing is dangerous as it rewrites history and we should only do it once in a while, probably just before mark releases each new version.  One other advantage of us rebasing before Mark pulls is that if there are any conflicts, we can fix them before sending the pull request instead of dumping them on Mark!



    ok nice!
    sorry was a bit off mx2 last days…
    But great! Welcome to the docs community!

    Do you plan to write specific things (so we don’t work on the same ones..)?



    Like you, I will have flurries of activity punctuated by periods of absence, depending on how my day job is going – I’m self-employed so my timetable tends to be erratic.  It would seem sensible to assign yourself an issue on github if you start writing on a particular topic.  That way we have a record of who is doing what.  I will probably try to tackle the issues I have reported on github before anything else.  And perhaps class functions.  But I leave for an 8 day holiday tomorrow so won’t be doing anything for a little while!



    This seems to be outdated.

    It is not synchronized to Monkey2:
    This branch is 28 commits ahead, 72 commits behind blitz-research:develop.

    Would it be a problem to make pull requests directly to blitz-research/monkey2?



    The mx2community fork is more an issue container than a base repo for pull requests. I personally directly use my mx2 fork for pull requests.
    I could sync the fork though.
    If you want admin privileges on the fork you can give your githhub nickname…

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