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    Hello guys, I didn’t follow Monkey2 development for round about 1 year, and I didn’t use my computer in general.
    Now I’m preparing and updating everything to start coding again.

    I still have macOS Sierra (Version 10.12.6) installed and Monkey2 version is 1.1.04. 🙂

    Before updating everything (macOS, Xcode, Monkey2, Mollusk, required SDKs?, etc.) I would like to know if there are any known compatibility problems?
    Does somebody use latest macOS, Monkey2, Xcode and SDKs for Android/iOS/Web development?



    I can answer as it is a big deal for me as a macos/ios developer.

    There are issues And it is a mess but i can tell you what I learned and use.

    First of.. as I care for event handling and vertical blanking, and to have smooth graphics I need to use an older version (the newer versions claim to fix this in macos but, they are not fixed far from it. So I use June version (v06) until a new stable M2 pops up, which might be never.. I do reliase.

    Sierra and High Sierra is the last ones that works nicely. Sierra especially. When you update to Moave to be able to compile for ios12 os or other reason you may update xcode as usual. But to use M2 you need to download the older version the last one that worked was in High Sierra 9.4
    1 i think it is (am not at a computer now). So that’s a good one to hve as an alterbative to the latest version of xcode.

    You download the xip from apples archive and unpack in the download folder, NOT in the apps folder, rename the created xcode folder to eg. xcode941 and THEN you move it to app folder.

    Whenever you wanna compile M2 you need to start any of the xcode versions and go to settings to select (in the locations tab) the xcode linetools version that you wanna use. Use the v9 for m2 and v10 for everything else.

    I wanna point out that i do this to ve able to run rhe last m2 version that I consider stable and that I like.

    After this version It grew out of hand.. its just a pile of patching bugs with new bugs.

    With this you can compile macos and ios12, and it works as they shpuld.

    Actually Mojave is the most excellent version so far. Incredible smooth graphics (the last m2 version sorry but I have to say it.. sucks ass, so dont judge Mojave by that, try June or some totally other multiplatform language.

    It is really wonderful. Almost the double performance of my older macos favorite versikns (El Capitan, Maverick and Sierra).

    After Mojave there’s no returning back btw so download the OS from the shop and put them on sticks before you upgrade, in case you need an older version.

    Hope that helps!



    Thanks @sekaichi! Sounds a bit complicated… 😀



    Ya.. but it is not too hard.

    Update to Mojave and update all the apps including Xcode, as usual.

    Then download a version of xcode that works well with Monkey2, I use 9.4.x. Xcode always wants to overwrite itself so just be careful to change the name by hand before moving it into apps or it will overwrite the new one.

    One more thing I forgot, never run both Xcode at once, don’t put them in direct sunlight, and never..ever.. feed them after midnight.

    Heres the Apple archive with all the Xcode versions available.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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