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    After watching a create Minecraft in a week video’s and following a Udemy course on how to create a Minecraft like game I started on creating something like this in Monkey2.

    Currently: I was able to figure out how to create cubes from meshes. Then chunks from the cubes by combining these into models. Then a crude world made from the chunks.

    I have various stages(example code) of the project in the above linked github folder.


    Learn/figure out mouse controls, Removing/Adding blocks, Texturing blocks inside the model chunks. Better (realtime/infinite?) generating. Collisions. And more.


    World made of chunks.



    Just compiled it for browser :


    I only needed to add a little bit of memory in the env.txt.






    I noticed a new chunks method being mentioned in the udemy course and had spend some time thinking about how to implement it. I was able to create this(I think I did) It basically now creates a chunk at once instead of cube by cube. The cube by cube method used the addmesh command. Mark mentioned this would cause a lot of copying.  The new FastChunk method uses a couple of lists where the vertices etc are put in and these are then used to create one complete chunk mesh.

    I had not seen a huge speed increase on the main laptop, but I am still testing(rebuilding on the low end lappy now)

    I also was able to implement a texture atlas. Here on the forum I learned that you can texture the cubes with that. They are different textures on one image. I made a couple of mistakes so spend a long time figuring out what went wrong, but I managed to get it working.

    There is now a new file in the github folder mining called worldtest fastchunk.

    I am planning on creating more textures and some work on the generator for placements of the textured cubes.



    I spend a whole bunch of hours working on the project. I got the chunk building updating so that it does not really cause screen freezes anymore. It seems to work pretty well even in debug mode on the lower end amd a8 laptop.  I also got the memory useage down. I added a check so it does not create unused data in the chunk generator. The memory useage went down from 600 mb to 300 mb.

    I also spend time adding block manipulation. I created a block model that I place on the block underneath the cursor. It is a blinking block. While doing this I also needed to create code to handle chunks next to each other. (faces) The v key is used to remove blocks.

    The last file I made is called : worldtest_blockmanip.monkey2 (no external files needed)

    I need to see what I feel like adding next.

    edit: i created a short video.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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