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    What will be the price of the 3d module of Monkey?



    Don’t know but I would not think or expect it to be free.  Mark doesn’t live in a bin.  He has bills, like the rest of us.


    Mark Sibly

    Yes, it’s free.

    Join the sponsorship effort if you want!



    To be honest I would have charged for it working on a 3d engine with shadows, shades,  physics etc is a huge undertaking.


    I would have asked for $50-$100 for it to be honest.

    @Mark I know you said it would be free but it’s a module which is basically an extra on top like in app purchasing etc



    What Ed said.  A decent, complete 3D module is worth $100 of anyone’s money, and more.  Maybe this Patreon thing works out better, I dunno?  The crowdfunding concept is all a bit alien to me.

    I remember when all this was fields, etc…



    I think the Patreon thing is the way to go.
    Keep as much as possible free, which itself is a “selling point” and attract people, some of them might be willing to pay.
    Those who pay will have to pay via Patreon, which ensures a steady income (and not just a one time fee!) for Mark.
    Those who don’t pay spreads the word about M2, which means more people who might pay.

    Just to keep things simple, let’s say it costs 50 bucks and 100 people buy it, that’s $5000 for Mark, once.
    People would never have to buy the module again, so he’d never earn from updating it or anything like that.
    But via Patreon, people wouldn’t have to pay especially much per person, cause in a few months, Mark would have made the same money anyways, and he’d keep earning that over and over again, maybe more since it would attract more people.
    It keeps Mark motivated, updates and stuff like that might make people up their pledge etc.
    Everybody wins.

    I for one will be upping my Patreon pledge once the 3D module drops.



    crowd funding works in some cases but charging for modules also works maybe having “pledge” levels to access modules or a one off fee if you want to pay that.



    I don’t believe in locking some content behind a payment wall.
    It’ll be a “but you have too…” in conversations about M2.
    “M2 is awesome! But you have to pay extra for 3D”

    If you feel like you want to give more, then do so! 🙂
    Not everyone can afford or even wants to, but the option is there.



    I do not like the way Patreon works.Dont ask me why,thats why i dont have my Monkey2 heart.

    I would rather pay a single payment (Which i will do),as for modules i believe it should go the game way(DLC)

    you pay for the modules you want to use.



    That’s the beauty of it!
    You don’t have to pay anything if you don’t like Patreon 🙂
    You could hit that Donate button at the top of the page, or go to and pay for whatever you want.
    Or nothing!

    Had it not been that way, and modules would be locked behind payment walls, I for example would not be here.
    But you, and I, are both here, so I really think this is the right way to go.

    If M2 is a complete package, in every way and nothing behind some payment wall, it’s got a real edge compared to its competition.
    There are so many game creation languages out there today that it needs to stand out in some way, and this is a great way to do just that.

    And in the end, I think it’s the best option for Mark.
    No matter what we prefer, Mark has to be able to live on M2 some way.



    This is very strange, in the end those who can not pay are benefited by those who can afford. I imagine it is a business model that gives results, where the motivation of the developer is that every month someone supports your project and therefore we all benefit. I think that benefits me, I have no way to pay, and I could do it for sure if I had the money as a paipal account, a bank card or something like that. Hopefully that happens. Likewise, I appreciate all those who motivate the developer to continue with each update by giving money.


    Mark Sibly



    LOL 🙂


    Btw, Mark, I don’t think I have the heart on my profile. Could you add it, please? 🙂


    Mark Sibly

    With pleasure!



    LOL. That was funny Mark.

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