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    Hi, I’ve been using BlitzMax and then MonkeyX for a few years now and I’d like to make the leap to Monkey2. I know XP is not supported, I understand why and I’m fine with it but at work we are still using an old IBM XP laptop which is just working fine and running fast. It never ever goes on the internet, we just use it during awake brain surgery and have no reason to buy another one for now (nor the money, despite the fact that the hospital I’m working at is quite a big one – here in France like anywhere else, the healthcare system is not getting much public money anymore these days).

    Anyway, I’d need to code a very simple slideshow generator to stimulate our patients during surgery (at the moment we are mainly using simple Power Point slides, which is quite OK), and it would be a nice way to start using Monkey2, but the exe would need to run on that old XP machine. Is there a trick to compile an exe which would run on XP? Or must I stick to Blitz Max for that small project?

    Thanks in advance for your help!



    Not sure if mx2 checks Windows version (yet?).

    Do mx2 executables fail on XP? Any error messages?

    Does a simple non-mojo app work, compiled in console mode, like this?


    A quick scan of /modules and /src turns up no obvious OS version checks, but it’s possible angle or sdl might do this. Wouldn’t imagine the backend C++ compiler prevents XP by default, though not sure if mx2 forces something in the build options…



    I must admit I haven’t even tried to run a simple example or any banana on XP, since Monkey1 exes didn’t work on XP. I will! Thanks!



    Console Hello World app = working

    Bananas Mojo examples (in French 🙂 ) : Window named “Point d’entrĂ©e introuvable” opening : “Le point d’entrĂ©e de procĂ©dure CancelIoEx est introuvable dans la bibliothèque de liaisons dynamique KERNEL32″… (<=> “The procedure entry point CancelIOEx could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll” I guess)



    J’adore cette idĂ©e de stimuler les patients avec des images et animations. Tout comme l’appli avec des grimaces.
    Monkey 1 (v85.e) exes work on my old PC Window XP SP3 – RAM 1Go.
    You need OpenAL32.dll (version in your C:\Windows\System32\  folder
    Or you can put it in the same directory as your .exe

    Monkey 2 exes fail at entry point of strnlen in msvcrt.dll, 64 bit needed ?



    Monkey 1 has also been working here on XP. I didn’t try the latest version of it but one or two years ago it worked on 3 random XP PCs.



    I guess I should try some good old Monkey 1/Mojo 1 code first indeed. I’ll try Monkey 2 later when I’m done with my current projects. Yes I made sure OpenAl was installed somewhere before launching the exes.

    (OT About awake surgery, the aim is to avoid damaging functional cortical areas and even more the white matter tracts underneath while removing diffuse tumors located inside so-called eloquent areas. It sure can be very interesting at times to watch transient neurological trouble happen in real time in order to prevent permanent damage. A few (simple) Blitzmax and Monkey apps/softs have been used during surgeries and they never let us down so far… 🙂 )




    OK I tried compiling some very simple Monkey1/Mojo1 app and running it on my 2009 XP netbook and it’s working, I’ll stick to that for now. Thanks!



    Yeah MX2 doesnt work on XP:

    Windows XP support



    Thanks therevills. The people still using Windows XP (including myself) should move on but in many cases it’s not that easy. I discovered that my current Monkey1/Mojo1/IgnitionX 1 project works fine on my very low end 2009 XP notebook, I guess I’ll keep using Monkey/Cerberus for now since I’m accustomed to it and since it works and come back later.

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