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    I’ve created a Monkey 2 IRC room over @ #monkey2
    You can quickly join via:Β
    I suggest using a proper IRC client of some sort, likeΒ XChat,Β mIRCΒ or if you’re on Windows 10 – xoChat

    UPDATE: Or you can use Ted2Go!

    Come hang out, talk, share your work, or just idle! πŸ™‚
    And say hello when you join, that way we know you’ve joined! (Since IRC is all about idling heh)



    For Linux, Mac, Windows: (free, open-source)



    Is kvIRC still going? heh
    I remember using that many MANY years ago. πŸ™‚



    The newest version of Ted2Go (from the Dev branch) now has its own Irc client built into it!
    And it connects to the Irc room I’ve mentioned in the first post

    Just click the “Chat” tab at the console, select the name you want and hit “Connect”
    You can also jump into Ted2Go preferences and set it to auto-connect at start
    It’ll notify you when someone’s speaking by placing a whit dot next to the Chat tab
    And a red dot when someone mentions your name


    Richard Betson

    I’m there as Vidiot_X. Linux and IRC go together like peanut butter and jelly. πŸ˜€ Ted2GO rocks!



    Hehe, we’re glad to have you!
    You and Mark are the regulars. πŸ™‚

    The even newer Ted2Go has much better IRC colours now too!
    The next change, which Nero hasn’t accepted yet, are better notifications.
    You can get it from my Ted2Go fork though.



    ted2go should auto join people into that channel, make it something people need to turn off, not something they need to turn on, I know that might be a bit controversial but I think it would be best to get people into it otherwise hardly anyone is going to bother with it.



    Heya Taiphoz!

    This is something you’ll have to bring up at over in the Ted2Go thread:



    Why not making a Discord?


    Mark Sibly


    Why not making a Discord?

    you have to register an account on discord and the application is very heavy on your system and uses a lot of internet on your phone

    its also a locked system so you cannot make your own clients for it or integrate it into ted

    its also very bad for sharing code because it replaces code with emoticons and other things

    irc is easy to make your own client and works on older machines even amiga and atari!

    a good irc client can look and act just like discord if you wanted it to and even be made in monkey 2

    the only thing irc cannot do is voice chat but its not impossible to integrate that but monkey 2 does not handle microphones right now



    #teamdiscord πŸ˜›



    yes mark seems to have chosen discord

    its a shame because discord will probably eventually cost money since nothing is actually free

    its also a shame because there is no way to implement discord into ted2go like hezkore has done with his irc client and its a very unique feature to advertise with!

    “get live help right inside of your ide”

    irc also is able to embed into homepages so irc could also work on the monkey 2 homepage

    i do not like to register accounts on things so i guess i will not be joining everyone on discord



    To me it’s compatible. IRC is more a instant chat and Discord is a kind of delayed one. I don’t try to get an IRC history for example.



    you can get chat history on irc it all depends on the client and how it works

    if its the client type that stays on while youre away you get history forever

    irccloud is a good example

    or you can set up your own with znc or quassel irc

    i believe hezkore was working on chat history for the default ted2 irc client using his own logging system

    the good thing with irc is that you can very easy make your own client its totally open so you can make it work any way you want

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