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    Hello to all,

    Firstly, I have an acceptable experience in programming (used to use VB6 for apps development and C++ using CodeBlocks for small utilities).

    I played a bit with both products and honestly I found that :

    AGK documentations is better than Monkey, it even has video tutorials and pdf book.

    AGK IDE is better than Ted2Go, it reminds me of CodeBlocks IDE.

    Though I am not sure which is better regarding performance, support and bug fixes, ease of deployment….etc

    Why should I pick Monkey 2 over AppGameKit?

    I do appreciate your opinions.



    Hi bmcalex and welcome to the forum.
    I think no one can tell you which is better for you. some programmers have tried it and really enjoyed it while others have left quite disappointed. I personally like it a lot. I didn’t start from Monkey2 I started from Blitz Basic and moved to BlitzMax, to Monkey and now to Monkey2. Using BRL products is where I learned OO programming; by studying tutorials and examples. I have really enjoyed using BRL products a lot. I have tried C, Java and flash but because of my habits and how I got used to programming BRL products, I find it a lot easier to program in Monkey 2 so I stay here. Monkey 2 is still in it’s infancy so there are not much examples or resources to help along the way and for many is not worth the effort. If you are an experienced programmer with games, with professional game experience, you are going to find getting in to it a bit frustrating but once you get the hang of it it’s really pleasant to work with. At least in my experience it is. This community is very helpful and can help make it a lot easier to learn it.

    The language has some minor limitations but it can still provide all the needs of an individual programmer most of the time.



    AGK can be used with Tier 1 (Basic interpreted) and Tier 2 (C++ compiled).

    Using Tier 1 AGK will be definitely slower than Monkey 2. When you’re familiar with C++ you could use Tier 2 there.

    Monkey 2 is a nice language, AGK Tier 1 is a joke compared to that. Monkey 2 is the clear winner (compared to Tier 1!)

    The IDE of AGK is superior in almost all things. When you use C++ Visual Studio obviously beats Ted hands down.

    The documentation of Monkey 2 is a joke in it’s current state. AGK wins here.


    All in all it’s a matter of taste. Both tools can create almost everything.



    Thanks Jesse and Voidwalker for your replies.

    Unfortunately, I am a guy who can not learn from code examples but who needs something organized to read and follow as it gives me relief and confidence as I go.

    Frankly speaking, I post a similar thread somewhere and someone suggested Cerberus X as it is enhanced/continued  version of Monkey X, with good documentation and video tutorials.

    What do you think guys?!



    At the AGK forums I read some replies which doubts the continuation of Monkey 2 development!!

    I am confused!!!



    Na. Cerberus is just Monkey 1 with the same documentation like Monkey had. Which is in a better shape than the Monkey 2 docs.

    So the joy of choice again. All 3 solutions work. I’d say you could even check more tools available. If you go for 2d, Game Maker Studio could be a valid option as well.



    I couldn’t stand Monkey 1/X, I stuck with BlitzMax and only did some client work in MX and didn’t enjoy it at all heh.
    Monkey 2 is better in almost every way, I’ve switched from BlitzMax to Monkey 2, and these days Monkey 2 is at about the same level MX was at the end.
    Infact, I’d argue that M2 has surpassed MX, especially now that that M2 has Mojo3D AND MojoX (GUI)
    So Cerberus and any other MX fork is something I’d stay away from.

    I’ve used AGK, Unity, Unreal, Game Maker Studio, Multimedia Fusion, Clickteam Fusion, Construct 2 and 3 etc.
    But I always come back to Mark’s languages, mainly because they work for me.
    Monkey 2 will probably be able to do everything you’d want to, but does it work for you?
    Game Maker Studio or AGK or whatever is probably good enough too, but do you have to fight it every step of the way?
    Unity pretty much works the opposite of how I work, so when I use Unity it’s just a pain, even if it’s a powerful tool.

    So I don’t think anyone can answer what language/tools you should use.
    I say try them all and use whatever works for you.

    And I don’t think you should listen to stuff like “MONKEY 2 IS DOOMED!”
    There’s always those kind of people, on every forum 😛
    Mark has plans for M2, so it’s not going away anytime soon.

    Oh and another great thing about M2.
    Mark and everyone else involved listens to feedback really well!
    So if there’s something missing from the IDE or whatever, just post about it and you might see that feature or bug fixed.
    It’s hard getting that kind of direct feedback from the Unity or AGK developers.
    Ted2Go has a built-in chat too, so you can talk to other Monkey 2 developers live if you need help or just want to talk. 🙂


    Mark Sibly

    I have never used AGK so I have no idea what it’s really about. Is it a programming language? A C++ library?

    Why not try both and use the one you like the most! Programming tools are a very subjective thing so there’s really no ‘right’ answer here.



    Mark: AGK is basically BlitzBasic 2.0 cross platform. Works very well. Too sad you gave up on this ages ago. You would not need that clumsy Patreon stuff now.

    Hezkore: The AGK devs are very responsive.


    Mark Sibly

    Well, there you go. If you want blitzbasic 2.0, go for AGK. If you want a language with perhaps some more modern features, perhaps look into monkey2 – it’s your choice. Locking this now as it looks like its going nowhere.

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