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    What is the current state of 3rd part IDE’s for Monkey2?, do any of them use the Monkey2 debugger?.

    I have been away from Blitz land for a while, but planning on jumping back in soon. Been using Visual Studio Code for lots of things, looks like it could be bent to support Monkey2 + Debugger.



    The default IDE for Monkey is a 3rd party one, modified from the 1st party one!

    I would love an update to JungleIDE to get support for MX2!



    ++++++++.  Can’t live without Jungle currently  :c



    the lack of an IDE such as jungle or bide is why I am sticking with BMAX, TED2 feels janky and like it will crash any moment.  Sadly I don’t think we’ll ever see much more than modified Ted2’s.  all I really want is something snappy and lightweight like notepad++ with full debugger support, I don’t like this custom UX monkey has. yuk.



    Mollusk ( ) supports MX1 + MX2
    and is actively developed.



    possible give Ted21 a try. So far people can’t crash it. Mac and Win versions



    @danilo – I’ll certainly check out Mollusk, looks like what I want.

    @Adam – I know you’ve put a lot of time\effort into your version of ted but I still cant escape from the feeling that ted is an IDE pretending to be an IDE.



    Well. The question would be: what do you want an IDE to be? or do?

    I personally don’t use Ted and never did – hence why I created Ted21



    One killer feature for me (don’t laugh) is “tab to spaces”. And I agree (no offense) but TED doesn’t feel like an IDE.

    For me Jungle IDE is the ideal one. For now I use Atom with Monkey2.



    I have been (for work) using VSCode a lot. What I want is for that to support Monkey2 and also support the debugger as well along with some of the other nice stuff it can do (intelli-sense etc).

    I had a quick nose, and it looks like it should be possible to make a VSCode plug in for Monkey 2, it’s just a shame I don’t have the time at the moment to make one.

    Not sure if it could be made to support the debugger tho.



    For the record that does your “tab to spaces” (and back!).



    Just briefly tried the recent TED, I like it. I confess – I attempted to shoehorn ATOM onto a flaky old laptop and tried to use the Monkey2 package, but ATOM kept bleating about ‘can’t find the mx2cc_windows – is it in your path? Tried modding the path var, was in sys vars as far as control panel was concerned, but do you think that the cmd ‘PATH’ command would show it in the terminal window – nope.

    So, I’ll be sticking with TED 😉



    There isn’t a “complete” solution yet, but some IDEs out there show a lot of promise.

    The Atom M2 package works really well, the main problem right now is the lack of a debugger (and it kinda freezes in MacOS when the app crashes in debug mode last time I was using it).

    Mollusk is great, the only things missing are debugger support and better autocomplete.

    Ted2Go is coded in Monkey2, is evolving fast, has good autocomplete and feels designed specifically for M2 (because it is!). I often switch to it when I need a debugger. It still doesn’t have the best text editing in MacOS (lacks some standard keyboard MacOS shortcuts) and crashes occasionally. The top menu UI needs some work too, but that could be a MojoX problem.




    I’ve been using Mollusk. I like it, though it crashes on occasion and it’s missing a features like “Search in Directory” that I use.



    lacks some standard keyboard MacOS shortcuts) and crashes occasionally. The top menu UI needs some work too, but that could be a MojoX problem

    Can you explain these shortcut and menu problem in ted2go topic or on github by issues?

    Are these shortcuts pretty cool – ?

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