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    Sure, the main missing MacOS keys are:

    Option+Up: Page Up
    Option+Down: Page Down
    Option+Left: Jump to previous word
    Option+Right: Jump to next word
    Adding shift to any of these should select from the current position.

    Also, after commenting/uncommenting a selection, selection shouldn’t be cleared (not MacOs specific)
    Bonus: Being able to scroll past the end of the document, let’s say by a half page height, would be lovely!

    The issue I had with the toolbar was in fact related to my theme, “Warm”. Sorry about that. Will fix the theme and try to do a pull request for it in GitHub (my first pull request ever, whoo-hoo!).



    Got it. What ‘modifier’ should I use for ‘Option’? ‘Alt’ ?

    (sorry, but lazy to start new topic)



    Yeah, pretty sure Option is Alt

    (dang, the upload limit is small)

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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