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    I recently swapped the old computer for a HP 430 G4 (it has what Win10 calls a “precision touch pad”). All the gestures are there but not in Monkey2.

    The normal reaction would of course be to go for a driver hunt and check all the setting. Next to try to see if theres is some register edit tricks.. coming to the point I am running out of options now.

    I also noticed there is a general problem with using the mousepad as a mouse at the same time you use the keyboard (the mouse freezes, this is supposed to be a “feature but everyone seem to hate it me included. There is no advanced options to shut it of.

    So the touchpad on the HP kinda sucks if you need it to be a mouse, and it just won’t give any touch info to Monkey2. I realise this can be a design mistake in win10 overall. HP etc especially.

    The last problem has a solution but it involves shutting off gestures and also the touchpad is no longer a “precision touchpad” (im not sure that i do care sbout that though, i just need working touch and mouse..) :s

    Is there anyone who can help getting the touchpad and Monkey2 work together with touch?



    I’m using windows 10 on macbook via virtualbox.

    And touchpad gestures work bad here, in ted2go too.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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