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    Simon Armstrong

    I am considering publishing User Guide and Reference Manual for Monkey2. It is early days but if there is some demand I am already of the opinion the language is deserving of some concise informative hard copy.



    These are great! (Apart from the swearing)

    They should be included within Ted/MX2 directly somehow!



    These are looking nice! Probably more attractive than the original for people who rather like white backgrounds and classical presentations.

    I suppose you’ve seen that I started to work on missing stuffs from the reference manual. If you want to copy/paste some of the stuffs, don’t hesitate.
    You can have a glimpse at
    the fork is at

    If you want, at some point, I can convert pages to the mx2 docs format. As I am used to do it now. To add it to the “Articles and tutorials” section, or whatever.


    Simon Armstrong

    Oops, swearing removed.

    I am still working my way through the workings of Mark’s DocsMaker tool in mx2cc. Hopefully once this is done I can automate the process of generating versions for the sphinx tool chain I am currently using.

    It may be I am the only one interested in hardcopy printed manuals for monkey2 so I am going to take it slow for now.



    A paper book? I’d pay like tops +/-50 for that if it is not to thin. I buy a number of books every year. Hardcopy, if it’s 150 dollars, then no sorry 🙂

    Great that there is more docs!



    I’d be interested in a hardcopy or at least a printable PDF version of a manual + reference guide.



    If it covers everything in mx2 and includes running examples for each aspect of the core language, like io, file stream, GUI stuff, etc., I have budget for purchasing it next year (2018). Hardcopy or PDF, both works for me.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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