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    Did anyone manage to build Android apks with Monkey 2, 1.1.80?

    Building any example code in Ted2Go v2.7 with target Android always produces the following error:

    Android NDK: ERROR:jni/Android.mk:mx2_mojox: The LOCAL_SRC_FILES for a prebuilt library should only contain one item
    Build error: System command ‘ndk-build’ failed.

    Modules for Android have been rebuild inside Ted2Go.

    The NDK has been added to the PATH.

    I tried multiple NDK versions.


    Mark Sibly

    I assume you mean 1.1.08? I just quickly tested current develop branch and it’s working so perhaps give that a go?

    Note, sometimes it can be a good idea to delete .build* and .products directories – this performs a full ‘clean’ rebuild (and should really be a build option in the IDE!).

    My ndk version is 16.1.4479499 according to android studio.



    Everything works fine now after I compiled the develop branch from source. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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