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    Hello. I am new here and would like to know if there are basic instructions for Monkey2? I have not programmed yet with Monkey2 and so far only little oop.I have procedurally programmed until now. The syntax is unfamiliar but I would like to learn it. Maybe there It even an introduction for Monkey2 in german language. Currently all the information is a bit confusing. No list of commands but classes, methods, etc.  😉
    After the dead of blitz products i´m currently searching a new home.



    The basics for me are:

    -your main loop is actually the OnRender() Method. If you open a mojo template you could do a game by adding some Fields and adding code to OnRender() only, you would usually use the New() method to initialize your things though.
    -your drawing operation are made with “Canvas” (DrawText,DrawImage,…), Onrender(canvas) receives a “canvas” for you to draw things.
    -using the keyboard constant let you check for keyboard inside OnRender()
    -using the Mouse constant let you check for Mouse inside OnRender()

    So the basic instruction are the methods provided by
    -mojo.input.KeyboardDevice (type of the “Keyboard” global)
    -mojo.input.MouseDevice (type of the “Mouse” global)

    You should read the “the mojo module” section in the manual (unfold in treeview to see all of it’s content)
    and open a mojo template and play with it (File>Templates>Simple mojo App).
    There is a freshly new beginner video on how to draw an image (by abe-king):



    You can use Monkey2 as pretty much any BASIC you just need to know the basics like what abakobo mentioned for instance. I think it would be a great idea for the community to provide even better templates and explanations for this kind of entry-level coding.

    On top of this “old fashioned” BASIC style you can add things using another very old fashioned style called object Orientation. Here you add things in new and more flexible ways and you can learn that in your own pace you don’t have to rush in to it to use Monkey2 at all. It’s one of the nicer ways to build larger programs without loosing the overview of things though ghwhen used correctly.



    You could search for books that refer to object oriented programming theory and design patterns. Other than that any code example you see (in github or the bananas folder) more or less contains everything you would be interested in, on how to use the language syntax. Unfortunately these things I say don’t help much but it’s something that has sense to it.


    Abe _King_

    @abakobo I actually just deleted that video!

    The video is now hosted on YouTube. The link is here:

    This is a very brief introduction to rendering an image in Monkey2 and I’m in high hopes more people would like some more tutorials! I have plans to proceed but I’m looking for some feedback to get me rolling 🙂

    Hopefully, in the future, it’ll be a great starting place for beginners – or a nice reference for intermediate users – or maybe a good overview for advanced users!



    I’m not logged in to Youtube right now but I saw the video this morning and you have skills for teaching and a great voice!

    Hope that you get the feedback you want and continue.



    What you need is some one to re-do the smalltime outlaw style youtube video series that he did on Monkey 1 which starts episode 1 with how to open the IDE and takes you n videos upto making a small game as I recall.

    Something like that for monkey 2 would be a massive help I think and could also be linked to or embeded into the help.



    Thanks to all for that massive input.
    It helps a lot.
    @abe:  i see your tutorial and must say that english is not my native language but i understand all and wish you could make more of that.
    Start like Taiphoz said with open the IDE…..(not for me but for the more basic beginners)
    I have to learn the syntax of it because its another way to code i did.

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