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    Mark Sibly


    My new iphone 6s has arrived and I’m up and running on it!

    The problem that has been reported is that the high DPI display resolution is incorrect when display zoom is enabled – it’s 1331,750 instead of an expected 1334,750.

    But as far as I can work out, everything is behaving as it should be. The os is returning a screen scale factor that produces this ‘drawable size’, and while I can mung it get 1334 width, I then get 751 height because there is only the one scale factor.

    There are a few scattered reports of this, the most informative of which is probably:

    The most interesting bit of which is:

    If you only include a Default-568h@2x.png launcher image, iOS assume your phone is running in iPhone 5 compatibility mode and it returns you values relative to stretching the iPhone 5 screen to fit the iPhone 6’s physical size. The 6’s screen is 117% bigger.  This works out to a 750 x 1331 pixel screen. The actual iPhone 6 screen is just a little bit taller, 750×1334 in size. When that’s scaled down to the 320x content area, (320 / 750 * 1336) you get 569. So the numbers are right and you’re seeing iPhone 5 compatibility mode.

    The default monkey2xcode project does indeed only include a ‘Default-568h@2x.png’ image (project was ripped from SDL), so I *think* what’s happening is that monkey2 apps are running in a sort of ‘iphone 5’ compatibility mode which is producing the slightly wonky resolution.

    Everything should still work I assume, but it’d be nice to sort out this launch image crap and get back through 3 pixels! A bit of goggling suggests launch images are pretty confusing – anyone have any clues/tips/beer?

    Nice device too, looking forward to installing some AR stuff on it – thanks heaps everyone who chipped in!


    Mark Sibly

    Ok, googling around abit more and it looks like I need to create a ‘launch screen’ storyboard – will attempt this tomorrow as it’s getting late but can anyone confirm this?

    This will apparently make the app ‘optimized for iphone 6’ etc while will hopefully disable the display zoom stuff so it uses up full 750, 1334 res.

    I really have no idea what I’m doing here though…!



    Hi, I will email you a default project template with all the blank assets needed, you have to have the launch assets and icons for all devices including the iPhoneX for the display resolution to be correct.  As iPhoneX support is now a requirement on any new iOS app you have to included the assets for that, then make your app work around the notch.


    Mark Sibly

    Hi, I will email you a default project template with all the blank assets needed.

    Thanks very much, this will save me a ton of work. I added a ‘Launch Image’ storyboard and some stuff started magically working but there’s still weird stuff going on possibly due to missing icons/files etc.

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