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    Hello! My team and I have been using Monkey 2 for about a month now.
    After scratching our heads at the documentation for a while, we’re now slowly but surely gearing up towards making a proper game in it.
    The plan is to release it on iOS and Android.

    Our main concern is that the Monkey 2 language won’t be supported for long.
    We wouldn’t want to work in a language that’s stopped being developed half way through our project.
    And I can only judge from the “looks of things”, but it seems the forums are rather quiet, with only a hand full of people actually posting here.

    Where will Monkey 2 be in a year or so?



    yes i am also worried about monkey 2 the forums are very quiet now

    we used to have a lot of users in the irc room asking for help and talking but it is now closed because the louder people decided discord was better but the people talking on discord are the same 3 or 4 people so it is not very interesting



    Yes I saw the Discord button on the front page!

    Is Discord the official chat room, it seems like a pretty odd choice?
    The IRC network ‘FreeNode’ is pretty much made for things like Monkey 2, being open source and all.
    It’s what most other languages opted to use, like Python (FreeNode #python)  and the Go programming language (FreeNode #go-nuts) and many many others.
    Most of us are already on IRC and it would be fantastic if Monkey 2 had a room as well!



    yes i think discord is official now and is very unprofessional to have a game chat client as official chat room

    old irc room was on freenode and there was even irc chat inside ted2 for new people but it is also removed now

    i think the creator of the irc room didnt have time to answer all the questions and help people alone



    A community driven official Wiki, as well as some sort of IRC channel – Python has several channels – is kind of expected these days for any modern programming language.
    Having the the IRC channel inside the IDE is unheard of and honestly a fantastic idea!
    Removing all of that seems like a pretty strange decision and a big step back.

    Can anyone confirm this?



    I must say, though I wasn’t using the irc chat, that was a great thing to have the irc into the IDE. And I’m 100% for it to be featured back in ted2Go. On the other hand I have no problem with discord being what it is.
    About the forum activity and longevity of mx2, my sight is on the github commits, and it is absolutely active AND oriented to the users. You often see question/feature-request in the forum that is converted in a commit a few days later. That is asolutely fantastic and I don’t know any other place where it happens so nicely and fast. I don’t use the forum so often because I don’t really have questions to ask anymore, the thing just works for me (I don’t use 3D for now). So I try to answer questions, looking at help topic more or less daily. You rarely see an unanswered question on the forums.
    Of course mx2 lacks of a big community that would create some tutorials/manuals and other things that Mark is not really into. But Mark is there, active and listening to the users (thanks Mark). A big community can only happen once some nice games/tutos will have been release (and attracted people to mx2), I think.


    Abe _King_

    TLDR; Discord is just a choice out of many several used projects, as is IRC, which has seems to be working. Discord has several life-improvements over a lot of options but my personal biggest quarrel with IRC was lack of chat history. Mark Sibly is very very active with Monkey2 and wont be dropping off any time soon and I will be making more tutorial videos soon!


    IRC just didn’t have anyone actively on. There was about one person, a very friendly and helpful whenever he-can-be person(Hezkore), but because of IRC’s limitations it just didn’t make any sense for the vast difference in time-zones between users. IRC doesn’t show you past conversations, you need to idle in there just to see conversations which are normally short and end up dying . . .

    That being said, Monkey2 is on Freenode at #Monkey2 – it is just rare to catch anyone on there (and was when it was a thing).

    I don’t think Monkey2 needs to conform to any service just because some things stay with those technologies. Right now Discord is working (20 averaging online and many users connected), we have an active few on there like mentioned but the conversations are held in time and Discord has several powerful features. There are multiple channels under the server, there’s the ability to post images and videos and gifs in the showcase, anyone who’s been pinged while being offline will see it later, Discord can be used from the web, your desktop, your phone and just about anything else for that matter. The one thing discord obviously has as well is voice chat! It’s always there for anyone to use and if you want to call someone up for some help VIA a screen-share that’s also always completely possible.

    Discord is completely free and very customizable, allowing people to have certain roles, allowing us to have a lot of user interaction that just isn’t found in other services – and it’s all completely free!

    I’m not sure about languages that use Discord, but there are a number of large communities which I know use Discord. Some include Godot, HaxeFlixel, GameMaker, and recently Monkey2! So as far as that goes, it’s not uncommon nor really “unprofessional”. If we wanted something completely open but with less functionality and wider adoption I’d say Gitter is the next most common thing I’ve used and then not so open would be Slack – but Discord just feels much more friendly and integrated than everything else.

    Honestly, when I first got into Monkey2 I was aware of the IRC and its integration into Monkey2 but it just didn’t feel lively to me. Whenever I used it I almost felt like I was the only one ever there! But at least with Discord, I’m not yelling into a void which eats up the messages for no one(or just the rare few who keep their’s open) to see later . . .

    I do believe having the chat-client inside the IDE was a fun idea and an interesting concept, and I really wished it worked! Heck, even when I did have the chat open in IDE I kind of just forgot about it when I was programming and only ever looked and found someone had just logged on or off!

    As far as the life of Monkey2, it’s going strong! Mark Sibly is active on Discord, GitHub, and on the Forums; it doesn’t sound like Monkey2 will be slowing down any time soon! There’s a lot of things being done, proposed, and fixed and he’s on top of it all. As far as getting more Tutorials and learning resources I will be making more soon! I have a lot of my own work on my hands at the moment though, some slightly limited time, and I am definitely looking forward to making some more!

    I think the technology used for communications per project/language is just choice after all. Several projects use Slack, some use Gitter, some use IRC, and some use Discord!



    hezkore said he closed the irc channel down because he did not have time to help everyone new and he then told everyone to leave and join discord instead

    he also said it looked bad if there was no one in the irc room so that is why he said to remove the irc client in ted2

    but he has released irc module so you can make your client if you want to

    but abe that is not true abe monkey 2 on irc had a lot of activity and people joining asking questions

    a lot more people joined irc at the start than we have on discord now

    and i do not see these people on discord and they were told that irc monkey 2 was shutting down so they are not joining anymore

    and also irc has all of the features you listed i have images embedded and multiple servers and channels you can connect to

    you can also use irc on anything like web and cmd window even old commodore 64 machines and calculators with a lot of clients but discord only has one client and i do not like that client and it does not work on my phone even

    there are also roles on irc and limits on what those roles can do and you can even make games on irc because it is an open protocol but discord is closed with only limited api for bots

    there is no way to have discord as a chat box on the monkey 2 homepage but with irc you can do that

    irc can also be extended so you can have special client to client features and it is easy to have backlog on irc so you neve miss anything

    and you are not forced to use any of the features on irc you can pick yourself with all the irc clients out there but with discord you are forced to use everything but not everyone wants that like with voice chat no one in monkey 2 uses that

    it also does not matter how many are on discord because discord does not automatically make you leave a channel so only about 1% of the people in the discord is active if you had to join the channel at start of discord i think only 4 or 5 people would be in monkey 2 discord


    Abe _King_

    Is that just a list of people joining and leaving? I don’t see much communication going on(I imagine its just the TedIDE) . . . And if those people are joining and leaving then really the only people they’re talking to and the only people that see their messages are the ones which are active at the time they are. Which is really what I found to be the problem in my eyes. There was essentially no way to gauge how many people actually frequented the server’s unless you were always on while on discord I can just see who talks and what not!

    I just really like Discord knowing there’s no extra effort on both party’s ends to have asynchronous communication. Neither of them needs to be on, or look at an external chat log, to talk reliably to each other! From what I gathered IRC is simply not meant for this – it just seems counter-productive with such a flexible userbase.

    I think it’s all preference. . . One’s modern and has everything already integrated and closed up while one is old school and flexible. They both get similar jobs done and they both have tradeoffs! I approve whatever is the most productive and from my own experience Discord is the easiest to browse and engage in conversation – it’s not just a pop in pop out.

    As far as active people you’re right. Discord does require more commitment than IRC, but not too much more. And while I’m a part of the active and loud few, quite possibly the loudest (ha!), it’s a similar concept with IRC. . . We need to keep on helping Monkey2 grow and be better :). In the end, I don’t care what happens – as long as we can make Monkey2 better!



    the problem is that irc was already in place for money 2 with a lot of users and even integration to ted2 and not a lot of other languages have such features but now with discord a big step was taken backwards and i cannot even join discord on my phone which is also bad i cannot try other clients either because discord is a closed protocol

    i have many pictures of chatting on irc too the picture above is filtered to show join and quits in 4 hour which already is more active than discord monkey 2

    irc is even used as chat in my games like starcraft and twitch use irc as chat so it is very good for programmers and it is good that hezkore made his irc module public

    we could even have our own monkey 2 chat client on the homepage that use irc in the background and people could instantly ask any questions they have without logging in or registering an account like you have with discord

    but i do not think irc will be used again for monkey 2 because the loud people choose discord and only those who speak loudly will be heard



    nerobot has said that he migth put the irc back if there was some request. So you could post an issue on ted2go github to ask it?

    +1 for an irc channel on the page

    But for me questions should be asked on the forums so it can be easily searched later.

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