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    After a long time on the shelf, I’m finally picking up development of PaperRacers.

    I’ve had the basic idea of how I’d like to approach it, and a rough gameplay plan ready in my head for quite some time now.

    I’ve settled on Mark’s fantastic Monkey 2 as the development language and platform.

    Whilst the Original PaperRacers was a basic adoptation of the pen and paper game, PaperRaces Reloaded, will be a Realtime topdown 2D Racer.


    This post would not be complete, without a video of my super early prototype testings:




    Preparing for AI, and crash/on off track detection in general.

    Because PaperRacers is inherently grid based, the common approach of making zones ( see video below) can probably be exchanged for a dot based system.

    Dot grid creation and detection of dots on the track are in. Now to see if I can come up with an algorithm for numbering these dots in a zone like manner…



    Are the tracks procedurally generated? I want to try to do that in the future.

    I like the images. Makes me want to start brainstorming making something just like it.



    Thanks Pakz, glad to inspire 🙂

    The tracks are drawn in Illustrator and saved as SVG files. I wrote a SVG parser, that makes everything into shapes, path segmets, lines etc. Then I triangulate that, and then DrawPrimitives(). The tesselator also makes  the lines with thickness.  In this case I’ll keep the tracks as vector objects, but for buttons, I render the SVGs to an image, based on device resolution. It’s a nice way to cator for Retina screens and what have you.

    I carefully name some of the shapes in illustrator, so that I can use them for boundaries and collision detaction.



    Wicked bruteforce AI tree search




    Love this demo of AI at work within Monkey 2, fantastic work 😉



    Thanks monkeyplotter2 , here’s a little insight into progress.

    Working on part of the gameplay on the “transport” layer of the game.
    Here we are highjacking other cars and collecting jewels.



    I wrote a SVG parser, that makes everything into shapes, path segmets, lines etc. Then I triangulate that, and then DrawPrimitives()

    Sounds great! Do plan to share this at a time?



    Alive and well but morphing uncontrollably!

    After spending a lot of time on the “Find The Fun” fase of the “racing” part, I’ve moved on to the puzzle part.

    Staying true to the goal of making a really fun game, I’ve been trying  out vastly different ideas, and not letting the fact that this started out as a racing game distract me in any way! 🙂

    I’ve also reviewed my target audience again, and much to my dismay, 50% of my target audience don’t play racing games!. I know that I want to target the casual gamer, and many of those are women, so for this reason (amongst others)  I’m changing the game concept from “Racing Game with Puzzles” to “Puzzle Game with Racing between levels” In fact as good as the  Puzzle part is turning out, I’m considering skipping the racing part all together, and using that for another project.

    So no, it does not escape me, that on the wall in front of me, is a framing of Stephen King’s version of William Faulkner’s famous quote:

    “Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings.”


    Contemplating the puzzles.


    I’m not the only one contemplating this…

    How do you find "fun" gameplay when creating a game? from gamedev

    @abakobo : No SVG lib sharing at this time, sorry.

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