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    Now as Patreon has gone even below $500, does that mean mojo3d is at risk?


    Mark Sibly

    Mojo3d and company are now fully part of monkey2 and aren’t going anwhere. Will change Patreon page ASAP.

    The main reason Patreon has taken a dive is because super mega patron Impixi has bowed out. I knew this was coming though, we talked about it back when mojo3d was started and it was understood he’d only be able to donate so generously until near end of year-ish.

    So thanks Impixi! I’vegot mojo3d off the ground thanks to your help and I hope it develops into something way cool from here on in!

    But hey, Patrepon’s still at $414 so monkey2 is still very much in business (alhough I may have to look at rasing funds some other ways too).



    Thanks Mark for clarifying that!



    Thanks, awesome!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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