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    This is a heightmap generator by PlayfulJS (see links in code). Screenshot below.

    The author doesn’t attach a license of any kind (he treats it as public domain), which won’t suit everyone, but this port is of course provided on the same basis…


    You can get a simple heightmap by doing this:


    … and here it is in runnable mojo3d demo form — paste into Ted2Go and run it! (Tested in latest GitHub develop release.)




    Multi-threaded the terrain generation (for 3D demo)!

    Binary for Windows x64

    (VirusTotal results)

    Model.CreateTerrain is the slowest part in generating the terrain, so this does the heightmap generation/mesh creation in a background thread, meaning there’s only a small jerk while the new terrain swaps in. Not sure what causes the jerk — uploading to graphics card, maybe? Still much nicer than the previous demo.

    Hit G to generate new terrain while running.

    Threading is probably only in the GitHub develop branch, and is experimental. Anyway, just quickly hacked it in out of curiosity!

    Note the ground?  checks for ease of use here, avoiding complex flags while the thread does its thing. I can simply turn the ground using ground?.Rotate (0.0, 0.125, 0.0) and if ground:Model is still loading/Null then it has no effect. Mark recommends against over-use of ?  checks!

    (I realised GenerateTerrain also hard-codes the height for now (256), easy enough to modify, of course.)



    Updated to fix jagged edges — threaded demo source and binary updated too. (Non-threaded ‘should’ just run from Ted2Go in recent releases, without needing GitHub develop branch.)



    This is cool. 🙂

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