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    So i decided to try the new 3d part of M2 and all the samples i have tried runs at sub 10 fps now i can run full hdr/blinn-phong/shadowmaps etc at 300+ fps using my little DirectX11 Engine (https://github.com/WeyrSDev/vEngine-b) in forward rendering mode were as i see you are using deffered i dont under stand how it runs so slow and yet my crap code does not?


    My drivers are fine as far as i know but isnt deffered supposed to be faster than forward?

    Win 8.1Pro 64

    8GB ram

    AMD A4-5000APU quad core


    ive added my dxcaps so you can check my system info and what it supports(easier than typing it all)

    1. dxview.zip


    No idea why it’s slow on your end, but it doesn’t seem right. My laptop can usually run at 1280×720 without problems at 60fps, even when I select the intel HD graphics instead of the discreet GPU. Maybe your computer/drivers have trouble running OpenGL instead of DirectX?

    “isnt deffered supposed to be faster than forward?”

    Not sure about that, I think it depends mainly on number of lights. Forward can be faster for simple stuff on old hardware. Deferred can require a lot of bandwidth in the GPU, and some old cards (or mobile targets) may not deal with it very well, as far as I know.



    Mark Sibly

    It does indeed sound like there’s something weird going on with your opengl drivers. Your HW looks fine – have you updated your graphics drivers lately?

    Deferred renderers are generally faster if you have scenes with lots of lights, with fewer lights they can in fact be a bit slower. On my nvidia 970 they’re about the same with just a single light. On hardware with crappy video memory bandwidth (eg: mobile) deferred is considerably slower – also, many mobile devices don’t even support the necessary opengl extensions needed for deferred renderering.



    no not changed anything either i can run a deferred demo in blitzmax fine also other demos from github works fine it seems to be poor use of the deferred  system in the demo’s i could run it in render doc to look for bottle necks but i would rather not need to i may just create a level in 3dmax and fill it with lights etc and test it unless some one has a large demo

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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