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    Hello Playniax,

    I tried to build my app for Android Target and I get the error below , it can’t find a file in the pyro-scenegraph.

    I tried building on Debug and Release, the results are the same.

    I updated/Rebuild all pyro2 modules and I got the same error.This is on a  Windows 10 Home.

    By the way this app builds and runs fine Desktop Windows, Emscripten, iOS

    I tried on my Mac Book Pro and it builds fine there, but I have to make it work on my windows.

    Mx2cc version 1.1.09

    ***** Making app ‘C:/Users/Arolodo Carvalho/Documents/_Monkey2/2018RussiaWorldCup/worldcup2018.monkey2’ (android debug armeabi-v7a x86 gcc) *****

    [armeabi-v7a] Compile++ thumb: mx2_main <= _r.cpp
    [armeabi-v7a] Compile++ thumb: mx2_main <= _r.cpp
    Build error: System command failed:


    error: error opening ‘./obj/local/armeabi-v7a/objs-debug/mx2_main/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/Monkey2-v1.1.09/modules/pyro-scenegraph/pyro-scenegraph.buildv1.1.09/android_debug/include/_r.o.d’: No such file or directory

    1 error generated.

    make: *** [obj/local/armeabi-v7a/objs-debug/mx2_main/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/Monkey2-v1.1.09/modules/pyro-scenegraph/pyro-scenegraph.buildv1.1.09/android_debug/include/_r.o] Error 1

    ***** Fatal mx2cc error *****

    Internal mx2cc build error

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