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    Richard Betson

    I plan to get back ( after some time off ) to some Pyro stuff …

    Good news. 😉



    We just released a new asset pack. Get it now!



    Great news if I say so myself but from now on Revengestar is free to download!

    More information here

    Revengestar screenshot



    And now you can play Revengestar  in your browser. I do recommended desktop for performance sake! Touch probably won’t work on a browser yet anyway.



    Wow! 🙂



    Thanks! But wow this! 🙂

    Here is a DEMO of Dumbot, our upcoming game but you can play it in your browser now.


    Again, I do recommended desktop for performance sake! Touch probably won’t work on a browser yet anyway.

    This game is actually made for mobile and all you have to do is tap ( or mouse click ) at the right time.

    It was on hold for a moment but I have returned to work on it. Still some bugs and rough around the edges but good enough to share. Some bugs include getting stuck in the walls probably and game reset not working like it should. Have a look at the graphics used for Dumbot. You can purchase them at itch for your own platformer if you like.

    Now TRY it out if you like!

    Both Revengestar and Dumbot are made with Monkey2 / Pyro btw…



    A Playniax super asset bundle is now available for the next 3 days ( 40% discount! )

    The bundle includes high quality game art that you can use for prototyping or commercial titles:

    • CrashTest Art
    • Space Shooter Art
    • Clear Art
    • ColorCityCops Art
    • Galaga Essentials Art

    Get it here!



    I just uploaded Pyro v1.0.8 to the monkey modules page so they will be available from the module manager as soon as Mark approves them.

    If you can’t wait that long you can download and install them manually.

    Added / changed:

    • Added Offset property to camera
    • Rewrote the mouse input system due to monkey2 changes
    • Replaced contructor ints with floats for LayerEllipse and LayerRectangle
    • Critical bug fixes
    • Major performance boost!
    • Major cleanups!

    Pyro is free but if you would like to support the further development of Pyro you can make a donation or buy something from our shop.



    Can you implement screenfading between scenes or is that already there?



    There is a simple fader in Pyro but you need to implement it yourself by drawing it after (overlay) all your draw calls.

    But I guess you mean a more Ignition type transition fader so I will add this to the ScreenManager.

    Give me a day or 2!



    So didn’t need a day or 2.

    I have added screen fading to the ScreenManager.

    You can find the modules here in the pyro developer folder.

    Just download, place them in the monkey2 modules folder and rebuild them.

    How to use can be found in the ‘modules\pyro-framework\bananas\b10_screenmanager\b01.monkey2’ banana.



    I’ve only played around with Pyro not too sure on the specific goals. Is it purely 2D based? Or do you think it could be use with Mojo3D with some major edits???
    There’s some fantastic stuff going on there in both the Pyro module and Mojo3D. Pyro seems to be very hierarchical in terms of inheritance(which I don’t disagree with). But I agree with the current decision of Mojo3D being component based for reusability and what not. Maybe we can fuse both ideologies? Just a playful thought. I don’t mean to be over critical. Aha. I love both modules equally. Keep it up!!!

Viewing 12 posts - 166 through 177 (of 177 total)

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