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    I just added Revengestar for Android to itch and I am waiting for Google Play approval!

    Android version is FREE!



    keep it up!



    OK, will try!

    On Google Play now!



    VERY GOOD!!!!
    Just playing on my Android device 🙂
    Quite hard 😀 but I like it

    just some things:
    1 – I discovered that I can move around my ‘aliens’ – not only select to fire
    2 – moving around with the finger covers the screen … a virtual joystick could be fine

    Good job!



    Thanks guys!

    moving around with the finger covers the screen … a virtual joystick could be fine

    Smaller screen is harder I admit but you can put your finger anywhere on the screen once you selected an alien…



    I just released a beta version of the Pyro2 TiledLoader Class and is now part of the Tiled converter package ( probably will change the name ).

    This means that Pyro2 can now load Tiledmaps directly without using the converter!

    It should support orthogonal and isometric Tiledmap and most Tiled features.

    Be sure to turn off compression before saving a Tilemap because compression is not supported yet.



    Playniax has a new and simplified website 



    Nice article about Revengestar…



    1. Game starts with ad banner – not good.

    2. I can’t close game by back button – I dislike when I have to close game from recent apps menu.

    3. Hard gameplay – but it’s normal 🙂

    4. Cool pyro2 usage!



    1. Yeah, might change that but we need a IAP module!!!

    2. Do you know how to detect the backbutton? Is it a joystick button? Coudn’t find it in the docs…

    3. Not for pussies 🙂

    4. Thanks, a real blessing to use! Best work I did!



    Just tried Revengestar on my new Moto G5+, plays very nicely 🙂

    I agree with nerobot, remove the ad banner when the game first loads, just do it between levels. Add a title screen, and a Star Wars like intro screen with the game’s story (which you have on the pause screen) and a tutorial, when I lost my first ship I didnt know that I could tap on another ship.

    Did you have any issues with MX2 and Android? Any tips?



    Thanks guys, will have a look!

    Did I have any issues with MX2 and Android? I found a few bugs that Mark squashed but I must say once you know your way around MX2 is a very stable. Biggest issues probably is the minimum of docs but nothing that can’t be found out. Actually because I never worked with Android Studio before this was the thing that took the most time. And to get Admob working took me some time but below is a copy of from my notes:

    1. Build project in MX2 for Android target

    2. Open the project in Android Studio and let Gradle do it’s job

    3. If you need Admob do the following otherwise you can skip this:

    * Use the Android Studio SDK Manager->SDK Tools to install Google Play services if necessary.

    * Load the android studio project you want to build.

    * Select ‘View->Module Settings’ menu. Note: for reasons known only to google, you must have ‘app’ in the ‘project’ pane selected for this option to appear!

    * Select ‘Dependencies’ Tab.

    * Hit green ‘+’ at top right.

    * Select ‘1. Library Dependency’.

    * Select ‘’.

    Now in order to prevent this error:

    Error:Execution failed for task ‘:app:processDebugManifest’.
    > Manifest merger failed : uses-sdk:minSdkVersion 10 cannot be smaller than version 14 declared in library [] C:\Users\Tony\.android\build-cache\2e6a1bf744e3d358c7192002615b4e56c3725e5b\output\AndroidManifest.xml
    Suggestion: use tools:overrideLibrary=”” to force usage

    Open your build.gradle file ( can be found in for example: revengestar.products\Android\app ) and change the minSdkVersion 8 in minSdkVersion 14 and Clean project!

    ( source: )

    I made version 14 default in my MX2 products template btw.

    3. Run App!

    Publishing on Google Play was easy once you done it before. Still some headscratching moments though but that is because of some weird Google Play behaviour and not because of MX2.

    Next I will be publishing on the AppStore. Let’s see how that goes.

    Hope this helps anyone!



    Very nice, thanks Tony! Maybe post that info in another thread so it doesnt get lost!

    Good luck with the iOS stuff… hated it a few years ago and never went back!



    Thanks! NOT looking forward on going through the AppStore crap but hey, need the exposure…

    Building for Android ( with AdMob )



    Back button probably equals to Key.Escape, like in mx1 it was. I didn’t try it.

Viewing 15 posts - 106 through 120 (of 177 total)

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