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    I have pyro setup with all the screens I need, fading between each screen etc. My problem is if I set, for example, the virtual resolution different to the screen resolution, image handles do not work right.

    Here is all the code. Replace klogo and mlogo with some other graphic, try to center the handle on each i.e. klogo.Handle = new Vec2f(0.5,0.5), then try to center the image on screen by using VIRTUAL_RESOLUTION.X / 2, VIRTUAL_RESOLUTION.Y / 2.

    If you set the screen resolution different to the virtual resolution it throws off all positioning.




    Fixed. Added Layout = “letterbox”.


    Class JumpyMan Extends ScreenManager

    Method New( ttitle:String,width:Int,height:Int,flags:WindowFlags=WindowFlags.Center )

    Super.New( ttitle,width,height,flags )
    Layout = “letterbox”   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    deltaTimer=New DeltaTimer

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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